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    Just when I thought I could get on with my life and get off of Handspring's back, their Customer "Service" Department comes through in flying colors and leave me to come here and vent again:

    Yesterday (11/20) I received a Blue Visor Deluxe from my 9/14 order. Normally this would be great news, except that I received a different Blue Visor Deluxe on 11/11.

    Even a two-for-one deal would be okay, especially after endurring 2 months wait time (and a month worth of BS from their CS), but I've been billed for both Visor Deluxes.

    On top of that, I received a phone call from Handspring on Thursday to, allegedly, confirm some information on my web order placed 10/28. I now fear that I will receive a third iteration of my first order (given that the errors found when recounting the information to Handspring were exactly the same errors they had in my original order.....and I made no typos in my web order).

    I can now return the Visor Deluxe and hope they will credit my CC account or keep it and sell it off (plus worry all the time about that Thursday phone call and a possible third Visor).

    Given the CS history with Handspring, I don't really want to chance sending back this wrongfully shipped Visor on the hopes of getting the credit I deserve......Heck, they didn't know enough to know they had already shipped the order, why should I have much/any faith that they would correctly handle my return & credit reimbursment???

    Just when you think they've turned the corner, you find out they still don't have a clue!

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    Your tale of woe makes me slightly feel better about not calling/emailing them at all to find out the status of my order...reading VC makes it seem like it does more harm than good...on the other hand, my Vdx still isn't here
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    I would be wary of returning it too - God knows what might happen. Looking at EBay I see that Visor Deluxes are going for over $300 on average - and I'll bet there will be no shortage of prospective buyers with all the shipping problems, the recent cut-off of Canadian orders etc.
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    Sell it to a friend
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    I got 2 (and billed for 2), and Sandy told me that there was a third that SHOULD be intercepted at FedEx, via the tracking number. Too bad, because I made good money on the second one. I can always keep my fingers crossed that #3 makes it through! The resale market for Visors is alive and VERY well!
    What was Sandy's answer to the multiples, in my case? Too many phone calls to too many different people, all trying to get the order through. Sounds reasonable to me. For now, I'll take all that I can get. The markup is pretty good at this moment. Even eBay's average is $315.00.
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    I'm going to take your advice and sell it!

    The more I think about giving Handspring a chance to "do the right thing", the more I believe there is very little chance of it actually happening.

    The Visor is up for grabs on EBay. I'm not asking more than what I paid for it (cost + shipping). I'll have to wait to see how many bidders I get.
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    eBay average for still open for bid Visor Deluxes is around $315, but if you search and check the bidding that closed you will find the average considerably higher (upwards to $510 and many over $400).

    I'm still waiting. I ordered an Ice VD via the Web on Saturday 10/9.
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    They USED to close that high, but the latest closes are $315. Still, not a bad return on a short investment.

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