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    I faxed this in to the corporate officers, filed a complaint with BBB, sent it to slashdot, cnet and now here. I still don't have my Visor, but I feel better for complaining...

    Dear Handspring,

    I am writing this letter to express to you my extreme disgust with your company and the pathetic customer service I have received from your employees. I was very excited about the Visor Deluxe. I think it is a brilliant idea and I was very excited about becoming an early adopter of your product when the screen on my Palm III cracked. As of the writing of this letter it has been 9 weeks and 2 days since I placed my order. Here is a chronology of my interaction with your company:

    * September 15 I ordered my Visor over the phone and was told it would shop in 4 to 6 weeks.

    * On Friday, October 15 I called to check on my order. I was told my order could not be changed because it would be shipped on Monday, October 18.

    * On October 29, since I still had not received my Visor I called and was told that it had not shipped because that the credit card number you had for me was missing 1 digit. I asked if someone was planning on calling me and was told that as soon as they got around to it they wold have. I gave the whole credit card number again. I was assured that my order would be placed in priority status and was told it would ship in 7 to 10 days.

    * On November 15, over 2 months after my order was placed, I called again and was told that I would have it by Friday, November 19. This time the excuse was that when they shipped on October 15, that new orders shipped and original ones did not. Again I was told I my order was going to be placed in priority status.

    * Today, 11/19, I received a call from your company from a woman who wanted to verify my shipping and credit card information. After not being able to answer my questions about why it had not shipped as I was told, and not letting me speak to a supervisor when I asked to, I requested that my information be read back to me. This time my credit card was missing 2 digits instead of just 1. I was told that my Visor would ship within 2 weeks.

    Is it even necessary for me to mention how disgraceful it is that your company has now taken my credit card number three times because they lost part of it twice? Do you have any idea how unsafe I feel knowing that your inept employees have access to that information?

    I understand that your company was unprepared for the overwhelming response it received. However, the lack of service I have been subjected to is inexcusable. No matter how good your product may be, you should be deeply ashamed of the way you are treating your customers.

    I work with a person who ordered a Visor the first week of October. He received his last week. I work with another who ordered his the day before I ordered mine and he got his yesterday.

    When I spoke to your representative today I asked that she look into my order and call me back. She agreed to call me back in within an hour. After an hour and a half I called her back and asked for her manager. When the manager was not available I asked for her to call me back. That was 45 minutes ago and still not response.

    I an effort to express my total disgust with your company I want to let you know that I am actually going to file a complain with the Better Business Bureau. In addition to that I will also be posting my complaint on, and

    If and when your unhelpful staff feels it is capable of committing to a shipping date it can actually reach, I would appreciate being contacted. Your company may have a great product to offer but as far as customer satisfaction goes, there is no way your product could possibly make up for how totally infuriated I am at the mistreatment I have received. You guys really suck.

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    I cannot believe I am actually replying to this post but don't you think Handspring realizes they have a little problem with fullfillment and service. This barage of insults is not new to them. Just be patient you should be receiving it shortly I can almost guarantee since they really seem to be working hard getting the last of September cleaned up. Hey if you don't like the service or the wait then I would suggest you cancel your order and wait for the Visor to be released in stores.
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    I think your letter very clearly summed up your frustration with Handspring, and was probably very theraputic, but what is the expected outcome? Are you interested in reporting some sort of legal violations? Is Handspring holding your money hostage? No!

    Indeed, they are giving you the same low (but on the rise) quality customer service everyone else has received. In fact, it sounds like you are also nearing the end of your wait. If your intention is to eventually own a Handspring product despite the troubles, then I wish you the best of luck.

    By the way, that last line, "You guys really suck!" really weakened an otherwise well thought-out letter. I mean, come on! My 12 yr old nephew has more intelligent verbal assaults than that!

    Geoff H.
    "For a nation which has an almost evil reputation for bustle, bustle, bustle, and rush, rush, rush, we spend an enormous amount of time standing around in line in front of windows, just waiting."
    -Robert Benchley

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    Feel better? I wish people like you would get a life and move on with it. If you wanna complain, do it quietly to yourself..
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    What I find interesting is that he still didn't cancel his order.

    (Or did I miss something in this very long post?)
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    <Removed Flame bait>

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  7. #7 need to shout. And the contraction of "you are" is "you're" not "your".


    This topic was a waste of BW to begin with...and here I am stringing it on. When will I learn?

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