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    I just received my VISOR today - haven't even opened the box. (I was one of the 10/6 web orders) After talking to people I work with, I'm considering selling my VISOR and buying a PALM VII. Seems a whole lot of people at my co. use these religiously! Anyone know pros or cons on the PALM VII? Seems expensive, but I'm more worried about having only 2MB. Also, the internet connection adds MAJOR functionality!
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    You can be sure that a Palm VIIx will follow shortly -- so if the 2 MB is a concern, just wait a couple of months (and in the meantime, use your Visor).

    Also, have only talked to 1 person who has the VII, and he seemed to indicate that while the internet connectivity was mildly useful, it was QUITE pricey. Unless work is footing the bill, then I'd say cancel your regular inet access and do it all on the Palm (just kiddin'). But seriously, if $$ is a concern the inet connectivity of the VII is probably not cheap enough to make it useful.
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    Well, for what it's worth, the informal poll at the VisorCentral homepage states that out of 53 people polled, 87% of them liked their visor better than a Palm Pilot.
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    If you have money to burn for the Palm VII network charges... more power to ya!
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    You haven't even taken it out of the box?!!! Wow, you have amazing self-control.

    Every case depends on how you want to use the PDA. If lots of people in your company use them and the company supports intracompany email or intranet on Palm VII, then it makes sense to go that way...of course, if that was the case, I'd expect the company to buy them for you and this would be moot!!

    As I understand it, Palm VII uses Palm's own radio based (?) network - it's not just some kind of cellular modem that hooks in through existing phone networks. Last time I looked at Palm's web site, the coverage of that network was still heavily biased toward large population centers; I was in an area not covered yet...this may have changed, but as I write this, the site seems to be unresponsive in another netscape I dropped the Palm VII from my own list of possibilities. I think that this also marries your internet connectivity to their ISP and their rate schedules, but your friends would know that better than I do.

    I've never felt the urge to surf the web on a tiny screen, but I'm guessing that I'll find some reason to do it when the cell modem springboards etc. become widespread.

    For me, 8 Meg onboard is much more important. I also ordered the 8 Meg flash springboard, based on the principle that every computer I've ever bought needed more memory sooner than I expected.

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