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    I just got off the phone with Trevor at "Handspring" Customer Service (by the way, hold times in the morning are only about 5 minutes). He said they all received a memo this morning stating that those customers who placed orders before 10/20/99 and not yet received them will get a free stylus five-pack with their Visors! Another uneducated CSR?--Who knows. I just hope they can get my Visor to me.
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    Can anyone confirm this?
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    And who cares?!? I don't want extra styli, I'm going to be using a pen stylus anyway because of my carpal tunnel problems. I just want my Visor! I don't want more platitudes, more excuses, or more delays. I don't want free shipping, or even a t-shirt, 'cause I wouldn't want to advertise for them right now, anyway. ALL I WANT IS MY VISOR!
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    Whew! I wonder if I would be like this too if I hadn't received my Visor a month ago?
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    One CSR told me that I would be receiving a free 5-pack of styli. This was supposed to make up for the fact that, as of 11/15 all he could tell me about my 9/16 order was that it "should ship in a week and a half."
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    How much you wanna bet we get the free pack of styli and not a visor to use them on.

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    Meisty - I bet if you ordered one of thsoe fancy-schmancy Polo-shirts and gym bag you'd get the styli real fast! I like the gym-bag idea - is that to hold all the sweat from screaming for 6-8 weeks?

    Yeah ... my patience is beginning to fade.
  8. #8 now I have placed, oh sooooo long ago, an order for a Visor Dx (10/06), followed by an impulsive order (10/08) for a better case AND a 5 pak of styli....and would you believe I even took the *****'s option and paid added $3 for EXPEDITED SHIPPING??? I sit here... day 44 of my self imposed visor-hunger strike...

    without a visor, without anything...with a potential OVERSTOCK of 10 styli ?? and what..I have the choice of trying to call custservice to arrange a return? (last time I did that...wasted 90 minutes on "holed" and got nothing answered when I did get through)

    they SHOULD:
    ship overnight at the 3-5 rate, or ship FREEE
    ship 5 pk of styli..or at least a single of the better styli with each
    ship SHIP SHIP!!!!!!

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    Well, don't worry about the stylus overstock. I just received my IVD Sans Free Stylus Pack. Handspring fools us again! Thanks Handspring!
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    The stylus 5-pack is a fine idea in theory, but it again demonstrates such poor handling of everything by this company. You put out a message that everyone will get this freebie, but because of incompetent CSR agents, only some will. So, you end up making yet another promise that goes unfulfilled. So the likely result is that now you'll get someone (probably me of course) that ordered at the beginning, is still waiting, will get no freebies, have to pay shipping and taxes, whereas another person may have ordered a month later, gets a stylus 5-pack, isn't charged taxes, and gets free or reduced shipping. Its so random. The inconsistent stories/promises is the worst part of all this (well, I guess the wait itself is the worst).
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    We shouldn't be blaming HS for not coming through on this "promise"...I've tried to confirm this and as far as anyone can tell, it's just a rumor. Handspring has not stated anywhere that a five-pack is in the works for early orders.
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    Why shouldn't we blame HS...???
    Who gave the memo to the CSR..???
    HS hired the CS contractor and therefore become responsible for everything the CSRs do in their name. Like DBall says, it's the inconsistency that really sucks.

    how did it all go so wrong?
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    >>Why shouldn't we blame HS..???
    >>Who gave the memo to the CSR..???

    We have no proof there ever *was* a memo. How come so many are willing to believe what some bloke posts anonymously about what a CSR says is gospel endorsed by HS? That's a double whammy IMHO...

    I believe mweight posted what they believed to be true...I don't think they're lying. Hell, they even tempered it with "Another uneducated CSR?--Who knows...". Mweight didn't even know if it was true...just the passage of information. My point is, nearly everything outside of the received log on this discussion board is based upon opinion, gossip and conjecture. Don't believe everything you read...especially on this subject. Many are out for HS/CSR blood on these boards...and some with good reason, just bad intent. For example, I could say I heard all orders are shipping today and tomorrow and will be discounted $20 per week past 6 weeks. The "believers" (which, face it, would be many of us...we're hungry for good news...) would then turn around in a week or so and get pissed at HS for not coming through on the "deal". Put it this way...I'm not gonna believe anything good will happen *until* it happens.

    5 weeks and waiting...patiently.

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    Thanks for giving me some credit. It's true, I was just passing on the information I received from the CSR. Funny though, now that I have my IVD in my grubby little mits I'm as happy as can be with Handspring and their product. If they follow up with a package of styli I'll be even happier. If they don't I'll still be very pleased with what I got for only $250. --Happy computing!

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