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    Here is my e-mail to her:

    First let me apologize for contacting you directly and promise that I will
    keep this short.

    I ordered a new Visor Deluxe on October 6 from your web store. The shipping
    was promised by October 31st. As that came and went you posted a new update
    changing the shipping date to 4-6 weeks, but you would include overnight
    charges for free. Yesterday was exactly 6 weeks from my order date.

    I am very disappointed for several reasons. Not the least of which is that
    I know people that ordered after me via a phone call have received their
    Visors. It was at MY recommendation that they buy from Handspring and I am
    now rethinking that decision.

    This is appalling and very disheartening. I really feel that I have been a
    contributor to your success at both Palm Computing and Handspring with my
    positive reports and my "selling" your units to friends and family. I
    cannot count how many have bought PalmOS units on my recommendation, but I
    can claim a MINIMUM of 15. Who knows how many have bought from their
    recommendations etc.

    Please give me a reason to believe in Handspring.

    Order Number: 991006-11xx
    I ordered one Blue Visor Deluxe with a serial Cradle and a Custom case.

    And the response from Donna:

    <RUEXP67>... thanks for taking the time to write. You are correct that we have
    not yet started shipping the early web orders. We have been struggling with
    straightening out the problems from the earliest phone orders, which were a
    mix of dates both before and after the initial web orders. We have now made
    the web orders are top priority. I expect to post something on the web site
    as soon as I can to give customers information as to when these orders willship.
    I apologize for the delay and the inconvenience caused by these problems.Donna
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    This is NOT a form letter. The response came in less than 90 mins.

    I am not inclined to wait much longer.
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    Wow, you beat me to it. I've been tossing the idea of mailing her myself, but I think you've summed up my feelings on the issue. I hate to whine and complain, but Handspring's 'promises' have been hollow and meaningless up to current. We shall see I guess.
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    I am one of the phone orders they were working out. Check out my thread

    I just received my 9/15 order (which I had cancelled twice) today.
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    I received a similar email from Sandy Torres yesterday. She apologized for the delay and stated that occaisionally orders get sent out of sequence.

    I ordered 10/6 via the web site and wrote to Ms. Torres b/c 3 e-mails to the customer care form on the web site went unanswered.
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    I'd still like to know why the hell the phone orders are being handled separately from the web orders! That means that unless they really mean they'll put the web orders in priority, that people who ordered up to the crash on 10/20 would be receiving their stuff before they even started on the web orders from 10/6-8! And the web orders from then seem to be correct, at least from what they're showing on the web site! Instead of focusing on type of order, they should be looking at DATES! Boy, I'm getting steamed now!
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    First of all, any order placed on the phone after mid-october was manually put on the web site by the CSR's. Second, I e-mailed Donna with the same concerns and got a similar reply. She seemed to hint that the early web order will ship sometime at the end of this week, but she DID NOT directly say this this is just the indication I got.
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    cooper - I tried the same thing, and Sandy Torres ignored me too...
    I thought waiting till the web ordering was up was the safest option, given the mess they'd made of the early phone orders. I was wrong.
    If my 10/6 order doesn't arrive today, I'm cancelling tomorrow. Then I'll go out and buy a Palm Vx instead from a company that knows what they're doing. 3Com are well rid of Donna and Jeff if you ask me.
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    I couldn't wait anymore - today was six weeks, so I emailed Donna.
    I am sure that she has been bombarded with emails, but I couldn't help it!! People are getting their orders in LESS THAN 4 WEEKS now - why not clean up the mess first!
    I'll let you know IF she gets back to me.
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    I got TWO Visor DELUXE Yesterday, and let me say.. I LOVE IT! I sold the other one already. I had change my color, and now received TWO of them! I ordered on 10/18/99, and I got it YESTERDAY!! Great huh? Less than a month... You gotta love that! Why am I telling you this? Just because I am SOO DARN HAPPY with this product, AvantGo is AWESOME! Also, I am writing this because you all need some patience, I understand you all ordered a long time ago, but mistakes happen. Give them a break. I like Handspring, they sent me TWO... sorry.. I mentioned that already didnt I... oh well... The guy I sold it to, was JUST about to order, now he doesnt have to wait at least... He will have it by noon tomorow. We are VERY pleased with our service from Handspring, and will recommend them to every one, and I for one, am going to go to that BBB SITE and leave a compliment about Handspring and their prompt and courteous service. Have fun! and I hope you get your Visors before Christmas! Happy New Year! ...

    Mark Neumann

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    Don't you have better things to do with your time than to attempt to irritate those who ordered well before you? If you think that Handspring deserves to be recommended to "every one," and that you are "going to go to
    that BBB SITE and leave a compliment about Handspring and their prompt and courteous service" then I'll send you a dollar and you can buy a clue. But I for one don't think that you really believe all that, but instead are trying to toy with others.

    Bottom line though is that there is no need for anyone to give mixed reviews of the company's customer service and send mixed signals to Handspring - instead you should stand behind the concerns of other customers, even if you were one of the lucky ones. Remember that next time you may not be in the lucky group.
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    Ahhhh! I'm frustrated beyond belief.. I ordered my vd, and all csr can ever tell me is it should be shipped soon. but, soon never comes, and come 11/22 - it'll be 8 weeks, already! help, help, has anyone else not rec'd theirs after soooo long?

    should I continue to wait, or's killing me! **almost literally** (have called csr 9x's and counting...)

    *whew* thanks for letting me vent.. :-)

    does anyone know the head honcho's email address so I can send some flame their way?

    I just don't understand w/all the advances in modern technology why they can't send out an update email...they've got our addresses, and that's indeed why they supposedly needed it.

    and, while I probably shouldn't complain, it's making me soo frustrated to see later orders..MUCH later orders, being filled - while mine seems to be in never-never land.

    mahalo all!

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    I also was getting very frustrated. I ordered on 10/3 (Grpht Dlx, USB, Tiger), had the same problems as everyone else and kept reading the horror stories here.
    Finally I emailed Donna on 11/15, got the 'I'm out auto reply...', but then was called on 11/17 late afternoon by Barbara Grossman who gave me her direct line and email address. She promised to call back 11/18 afternoon, didn't, but I rec'd the visor dlx Fed Ex Next day on 11/19!!! I'm happy!!!!!!

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