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    I finally order my visor today! can some one tell me about when will i get it? will i have any problem during the processing? i hope not..
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    Oh, I'm sure you'll get it next week.

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    don't forget to ask about today's special: free upgrade to fed-ex overnight shipping!

    sorry. i'm bitter.
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    Say a prayer and don't hold your breath!
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    what about if i'm not gonna be here next week?
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    no sweat...YOUR visor will be delivered, via FedEx at no charge, with a spare set of lithium AA batteries AND a 10 pak of styli, as well as a leather case, all to your door within 5 business days. And, as a courtesy to show how HS appreciates customers, they are now holding billing your credit card until you call them toll free to tell them you are completely happy and satisfied.

    that, and your refund check is in the mail.

    good luck, and welcome to the Visor-free support group...seems to be a 12 week, step program!
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    You all must have missed the latest update on the Handspring web site, all new orders ship overnight!
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    what does it mean my ship overnight? if i really get it next week, but i won't be at home, i'm out for vacation! what do fed-ex usually do if nobody is home? i don't want them to leave it by the door for 4 days(thanksgiving). btw what is HS everybody is talking about?
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    I hope you're not taking these jokers seriously. You should expect a minimum wait of 4 weeks. Sit back, relax, and enjoy your vacation.

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    OK, sorry to burst your bubble. But these guys are just fed up, of handspring's awful customer service. They think it is funny that someone just ordered today and they are anxious about when it will be there. When they have been waiting for 8-9 weeks. Any way you should expect you visor in about 5 weeks. I believe most of the new orders should be just fine due to there great effort to clear everything up. But you can always email Donna at for service.
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    Don't be so sure...there are some Oct orders that had a two week turn-around time. Those people should be playing the lottery.
    HS = HandSpring (HardScrew?) the company what knows how to make a PDA but not how to ship 'em.

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