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    I ordered two visors. On 10/25 I got two visor deluxes. I mailed those back, as that was not what I ordered. Handspring got the visors deluxes on 1/11. Almost three weeks later, Handspring has still not credited my account.
    I have made over 15 calls to their call center.My average hold time was over 30 minutes, which for some reason is on my dime. I was promised many times that my problem will be taken care of - never happened. I was promised that my account was credited (past tense), never happened. When I called up to say that I did not get the money, they started negotiating over this fact.
    Today I found out something truly incredible: only one person in Handspring's call center has the authority to call the billing department, that is Mr. Singh, the head of the call center (what an intimate relationship - to know him by name). All the others can do is email the billing department, and hope for the best.
    I have never, ever, in my entire life, seen such a miserable company. I did not think anything like this could exist outside the soviet union. I am sure its days are numbered, as customer satisfaction is the last thing they care about.

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    Contact your Credit Card company and have them remove the charges.

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