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    Ok, I have had some personal contact with Handspring over the last several days that you may be interested in. (By the way I have been following the boards since September and have just in the last couple of days registered and posted. I wonder how many like me there are... Ali Ali In come free...)
    1) On 11/12 I emailed donna (guessed the email address) asking whether I needed to inform them that my order date was wrong. I had noticed a lot of posts where early sep. orders were showing up as Oct.6/7/8. I had never been "escalated" and wondered if I needed to. She emailed back quickly saying that she was forwarding to Torres and Yost who would investigate. I included a correct version of all my info including !RISK! my CC#
    2) When I hadn't heard back by 11/17 I emailed again, because I had mixed up my order date and this might screw up their tracking my order. Probably not but gave me an excuse to try again.
    3) That afternoon, I got a call from Susan Yost (shows up as Mt.View CA on caller ID by the way) confirming all my info. She had apparently not yet seen my corrected email so was just following up on the first. This was an enlightening call. First of all, she was very nice and apologetic. She told me that for some reason my order was bumped from the queue for some kind of incorrect info. She read me every line, and every line was correct, address, CC# (which she had already double checked from my risky email. She even complimented my daring). She wasn't shocked that my order was correct but had been rejected. It ocurred to me as I was talking to her that we live in a new area, on a street that didn't exist 2 years ago. I asked if they used address confirmation software in shipping if it maybe wasn't recent enough to recognize my address. She recounted that she remembered a customer in Herndon (near me) had trouble because the computer insisted that the city was "Herndond" and constantly rejected the order. This seemed to explain to me the apparent random distribution of delayed orders. Is there anyone else waiting on an early order that might have weird address info? The only other possible explanation that we cooked up was that my full name (Geoffrey) is on my credit card but the order says Geoff. We both doubted this had anything to do with it. Finally, she told me she was "expediting" my order, but told me honestly that that did not necessarily mean I would get it next day, because she had expedited a lot of people that day. She was being genuine and didn't want to promise more than she could deliver. She gave me her direct number to call back if I didn't have it "soon".
    4)Susan emailed also with an order number (1003-4144) and her promise to stick with my order until it shipped.
    5)Today 11/18 Susan called again and left a Fed Ex tracking number with my wife (is there a support board for Visor widows?) I checked the number online, and the package is on its way! They are over even the 8 week mark (Sep. 18 order), but I feel satisfied that if my order had not been bumped, I would have it already. It seems like a lot of orders are getting bumped, and each of those has to be researched by hand. This more than explains the crazy delays for some orders to me at least. I have other info from donna that I will put in another topic because this is probably way longer than anyone will read. Sorry.
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    I was also in contacted by Susan today via E-mail. I hope she didn't get you and I mixed up!

    Geoff H.
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    Actually, Geoff, I have been following your posts and had mixed you up with an old friend of mine named *Jeff* Harper, from Roanoke I think. Aren't you in Virginia too? Sorry for the off topic. I know you were kidding but I gave her so much information on me she couldn't confuse me with anyone. You're probably the reason I never get the screen names I want
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    I received a call from Susan as well last night. I t seems my cc # was still wrong but at least now I feel confident it will ship today. It felt really good to actually know what was happening what a relief.

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    Susan is a breath of fresh air in this nightmare. It looks like she is doing all she can to get people's orders moving. I am sure, though, that there are a lot of people contacting her so I am being patient. She left me a voice mail saying that mine should ship today or monday and gave me an order# (not the same as a FedEX shipping number I think). She deserves a lot of credit for responding to people quickly.

    But the odd part of all this was in the explanation. She said that when they researched my order, only half of the information had been entered into the database. But, three times before when I called they had all of the information and they still do -- I was not asked to update it. Very strange. If I had not been in contact with Susan, I wonder what would have happened? When would the other half of the information be entered, if ever? The moral of the story: contact Handspring directly if you have no idea where your September order is.
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    Got a call from Susan 2 nights ago and was emailed an order number...But not a Fedex number.

    She was nice...I asked her if she read Visor Central and she says she would be scared to.. Hah, she even gave me her phone number because I was so wary about the whole deal. I asked her her title and she only said that she was in an executive position helping straighten out this mess.


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