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    i'm new to this forum, and have seen (at least in other forums), that folks are usually wary of buying from newbies. but, i thought i'd at least try to post this here before moving to ebay. if you want a reference, i have 100% positive feedback on ebay (id: mneckles).

    i sold my treo (though i liked it, i just found that i wasn't using all of its functions that much, and there were some things about it that just annoyed me too much) and i have a few accessories to sell that the buyer didn't want.

    i accept paypal (credit card, instant bank transfer, e-checks) and will ship only to paypal confirmed addresses in the u.s. and europe. i can ship via u.s. postal service (preferred) or ups or fedex.

    usb cradle
    i purchased this in june from dans cellular accessories on ebay. i paid $12.99 for it, plus $6.49 in shipping. i'd take $7.00 for it, plus shipping. if you want an estimate on shipping, let me know. within the u.s., i'm sure it won't be more than the amount i paid to have it shipped to me in the first place. i'll also throw in a stylus (new, never used, but not in any packaging) for free with the cradle.

    vaja i-volution case (black, with belt clip)
    i purchased this new from vaja in late june. it cost $89 plus $16 shipping (from argentina). it's in very good condition, with only minor scuffs from normal use and no damage whatsoever. it fit my treo perfectly and protected it well. i'd like $65 for this (firm), plus shipping. i also have the original box it came in.

    pics are attached, or e-mail me if you want more (m dot schultz at mac dot com). i live near san francisco, california, if you're wondering about shipping time/cost.


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    I'll give you 90 bucks for them both shipped together...e-mail me at snoslicer8 at comcast dot net if you would like to accept or counter.


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