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    Got a call this morning from Handspring. They wanted to verify my shipping information. Supposedly my Visor is shipping soon. Has anyone else been called by Handspring to verify this information? Just curious.

    Oh, I ordered on Sept 29th. It has been a long wait.
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    Yes, and it came today. Like to talk more, but I've got to go play!
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    Yes, Fooie, I got called too.

    I do hope you have better success receiving your Visor in a timely fashion following your call than I had.

    In my case, I corrected the same errors in my order on four different occasions over the past month. I did finally get mine 11/11 (but only after Handspring corporate interceeded)

    Your case, in my opinion, is a great litmus test to see how much Handspring has been able to get its order fulfillment act to work the way it should!

    Let us all know if/when you get it.....I gotta go find more software to put in mine (I still have 5+ MB free)!
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    Got a call on Thursday and they STILL had my first and last name switched. They also had combined the numbers of the two credit cards I gave them, half from one and half from another (I switched cards when I found out the problems they were having)

    The woman (CA, not Canada) told me I would get my blue VDlx next in ~week. She sounded almost as embarrassed as Donna would if she had called. She even gave me her direct # (It was on my caller ID so I know it was a real one)...

    We'll see what happens...

    -Joshua Painter

    I'm a name not a #! Oh, wait a sec,... I guess I'm both...
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    I also got a call on Friday (the 12th). The woman who called was checking on my 9/17 order and seemed genuinely concerned with the status of my order.

    I told her that I had already received my Visor and Serial Cradle by virtue of intervention by HS Customer Relations people.

    Got the Visor on 11/03
    Got the Serial Cradle (after a bit more whining) on 11/12

    I now just have 2 modules on backorder. I do have enough in hand to start development work.
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    When did you order your Visor?
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    I got called last night. Too bad I had already cancelled my order. See my post at
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    I ordered via phone on 9/29. Blue VDX. The lady who called me on the phone came off with a bit of an attitude, like she was doing me a favor. When I explained to her that I called earlier to check my order, and subsequently fix some wrong data, she replied "Well, this is the last call you are gonna get..". Which might have been an attempt to get me excited about my visor finally shipping, but it almost set me off. I decided to let it go.

    Still waiting for my visor to show, I'll let you guys know when it does.
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    I have been called and emailed by over 8 people. A complete mess, I have yet to recieve my visor even though I ordered it in the first week. It seems they dont know how to spell or listen, let alone work together.
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    Just to let you guys know, I got my visor today. Blue Visor Deluxe, with a stylus pack. I ordered on 9.29.99. I got a call last friday, and on the box it said it shipped on 11.16.99 from Fremont, CA. If you care, I am in Seattle. It came via Fed Ex Standard Overnight.

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    Congrats Fooie!
    As for me, I'm stll waiting on 2 phone call, and as best as I can determine, all my info is correct. I'd like to know what I could do to help get their act together...
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    I live in Seattle and got a call last Thursday... I STILL haven't received mine...
    Ya' darn lucky dog...
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    I received a call last night from Susan Yost (sp?) we went over all my information of course the CC # was wrong even though I had fixed it 2x's in the past but she has moved my order to top priority and it is shipping today and I should receive it Monday, Tuesday at the latest. I never thought I would say this but boy I can't wait until the weekend is over!

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    I got a call last Thursday. They had one digit of my credit card number wrong. I ordered an Ice Visor Deluxe on 9/24 and am still waiting (8 weeks so far).
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    I got called, twice, today. They wanted to make sure my CC info was correct on my Web Order.

    I inputted it correctly......they read it back incorrectly...... <sigh!>

    Similar problem to my 9/14 order (which finally arrived on 11/16).

    At least, it seems, that they know where the weaknesses are in their fulfillment system and are taking steps to make it better.

    I still think they've harmed themselves badly by not being more forthright, or taking more responsibility, for the order fulfillment problems. I'm not convinced that they ever had a dry run of the systems, and organizations, they have chosen to use.

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