Why do we continue to call the CSRs in Toronto for shipping information? We (should) know by now that they don't have direct access to the shippers' database. Everytime you ask if your order has shipped, they ask you if you have been billed yet.

I ordered my Visor on Sept 18.The first time (Oct 14) I called to check on it they said it would ship in 2 weeks. On Oct 19th they told me it would ship 'tomorrow' and I would receive it by 10/27. On 10/29 they said blue was out of stock, and it would hopefully ship in 7 to 10 days. On 11/4 I was told it would ship "any moment now, today or tomorrow". On 11/10 it was back to 'a week or 2'. On 11/12 it was "definitely ship by 11/15, and receive in two weeks". On 11/16 it was "in processing, 2 or 3 days to receive". On 11/18 the bad news: not shipped yet, low on stock, not making any guesses about shipping. Fed Ex left a delivery notice that afternoon. The only time they got it right was 11/16, must have been just a lucky guess.

Don't bother calling the CSRs about your missing order, check your credit card company instead.