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    Does anybody know (especially those who have been in direct contact with Donna) when the web orders placed on and around 10/6 will ship?


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    at least one has already shipped... REZ got his yesterday I believe
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    Thats as good as none!
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    All I can say is that I ordered mine on 10/6 VIA the web site (order #19XX) and received it yesterday. I was surprised. I really didn't expect it until next week. So I can only tell you what happened to me.

    Hope you get your Visor soon.

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    I just spoke to a CSR who told me that it will be at least another 2 weeks before web orders from early October ship. I ordered on 10/6 (high 1400s). So, the 4-6 week ship window seems to have been "adjusted" to 8 weeks.

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    You have got to be kidding!!

    I thought that it would be just too easy to have placed a web order and then assume it to arrive within the 4-6 weeks timeline all by itself.

    They still have 3 days before I get REALLY mad, tho...

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    I know how you feel ssgavin. I started out at the October 31 ship date, then the 4-6 week date. Now maybe up to 8 weeks!?!? I have until Thursday for the 6 week time frame, if I don't have by then. . .
    The anticipation is killing me!
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    If it is the case that those who ordered via the web will now have to wait 8 weeks then handjob err handspring will loose my business.
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    I posted this on another thread, but thought I'd interject it here, too... The CSR's are all telling different stories here (as usual)... Now, I don't know what the truth is, but the CSR I spoke with this morning informed me that my 10/6 online order is marked for shipment no later than the end of this week, and with priority shipping (the one I paid for not FedEx) it will be here 1-2 business days following shipment. My CC hasn't been dinged yet, so I don't know if she's right, but I wanted everyone to know that (as has been the case) the CSR's don't really know what's going on.

    Now, if anyone has that 8 week crap straight from someone at HQ, I'd love to hear about it, 'cause I'll have some ******** to do!
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    MeghannMac - I heard it straight from Handspring HQ this morning, the web orders will arrive in 8-9 weeks. See this link for the exact e-mail.

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    Hi all,

    I just got off the phone with Ed from CS (after only 20 min wait). He "escalated" my web order, whatever that means. I ordered on 10/6 somewhere in the 1700 range so I'll probably get it by Christmas (sarcasm). According to his account, slowing of shipping was exacerbated by the Taiwan earthquake, where they manufacture the main board for the Visors. This is news to me. I wonder why nobody has ever mentioned this (VC or elsewhere)?
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    Of course, I'll have to throw the BS flag on the whole earthquake thing. If that is the case, why are sooo many mid-October orders arriving? Seems like there was a big shipment of these orders, but the web orders seem to be sitting in the background. Kinda strange. Once again, I feel like the web orderers are being punished for trying to use the "high tech" method of ordering.

    Oh well. Guess I'll continue to wait and steam.
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    Hmmm, another excuse? I called CS earlier to see what was going on with shipping and all they said was to look on the web for shipping. I let him know that this information is not being given out on the website and he just repeated his previous statement. Im not quite sure Handspring knows what is going on, nor do they really seem to care about fullfilling oders promptly. Palm Vx is starting to look nice since it could be in my hand by Friday?
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    I've heard this 'Ed' person mentioned before... can you please tell me if he's at HQ or if he's a supervisor at the CSR location?
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    Ed is neither at HQ nor a supervisor. He's probably another poor schmuck that has to put up with us nagging web orderers.

    It's really too bad about those that ordered mid october and gots theirs already. It's nice that they got theirs, but why the holding pattern for web orders? All HS has to do is disseminate their shipping information rapidly. That would alleviate the anxious phone calls.
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    Well i don't know when mine will ship, but i ordered a blue visor delux on 10/6 with a order number in the low 1000's and my card was charged today.
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    Quasi26...I don't know who you are, where you are, what color you ordered, how tall/short you are, or why you want a Visor. I just hope your news is true for the rest of us online 10/6 's. Thanks for the update.
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    Quasi, I really hope you get yours soon, and that this means ours will be close behind. FWIW, I also called to try to talk to a live person at HS today, and talked for a minute with the receptionist. The last she was told was that the initial web orders would ship if 4-6, and hadn't heard about the 8-9 stuff. I left a message for Customer Service to call me, and made it very clear I am upset. Perhaps I'll actually get my Visor tomorrow or at least someone will call me with a little better date than 12/8!
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    Oh you guys are gonna love this after I didn't receive my visor I called a CSR who had no info. So I e-mailed donna and this was her reply:

    "Jamie ... you are correct in that you should not have been charged until
    your product shipped. I find this very confusing if your order was placed
    over the web because we have not yet processed those orders. Did you place
    any order over the phone order process? I'll ask customer relations to
    investigate, because this is very strange."

    What do you all think of that?
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    Ok...everybody sing...."When the moooon is in the seventh house, and jupiter aligns with Mars...."
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