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    Check out this thread:

    Apparently ruexp67 sent an E-mail to Donna D. this morning, and received a response indicating that Web orders were her "Top Priority" at the moment. She went on to say that an update would be posted on the HS site once shipping times were available. Good news? We'll see...

    Geoff H.
    "For a nation which has an almost evil reputation for bustle, bustle, bustle, and rush, rush, rush, we spend an enormous amount of time standing around in line in front of windows, just waiting."
    -Robert Benchley
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    Well guys, as much as i hate to admit it, handspring did a great job. to recap, i ordered on 10/6 from the web store, a blue visor deluxe. after many a problem with credit card info and the like and e-mails to Donna with her saying it won't ship anytime soon, i arived home tonite to see my Visor sitting with the mail. the visor was fine, the cd fine, it works great (although the plastic pen sucks) they said it wouldnt be here but it is. Great job handspring, i was wrong.
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    I wish my dad's would come. We're tired of seeing him grumpy. P.s. He ordered it on 10/6
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    Sheesh, it's situations like yours that really cause me to pull my hair out. My order is nearly *identical* to yours -- Blue Visor DX, ordered via the web on 10/6, order number low 1000's. I also just got off the phone with another CSR who told me that he had basically no idea when my order would ship, but that he was very sorry. (At least he didn't give me some BS story).

    So...your situation gives me some hope, but I have a feeling that it's the kind of hope that will be squashed by the passage of several more weeks. Nice to hear that some folks are getting theirs, though.


    Never before have things been so much the way they are now.
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    It seems like they screw the web order also.
    The phone order on oct 16 which i saw on the received log already received they visor. and people order over the web on oct 6 still haven't received it yet..I am begin worry now.
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    Well , received my visor last night. the weird thing is I got an e-mail from Donna this morning sayingthey havn't shipped any web orders in that time frame. I don't know how to respond. maybe they will send me another when they "REALLY" start shipping web orders : )
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    So now we can't even trust what Donna is saying...
    Her 'update' of Nov8 says any web orders are fine. One of her emails to others here says it will be 8-9 weeks for web orders, another says they haven't shipped ANY web orders and yet some people are getting them.
    Where do we go now for information..??
    I ordered on the web on 10/6. My order is in the 15xx range and I wanted it shipped to work. Maybe it will go to my home address (they seem to have done that to some people), maybe it won't come at all. Maybe this week will see then end of my patience and I'll go and buy a Palm Vx. I know the Visor would be better, but something I can actually hold in my hand would be more useful than HS's hollow promises.

    how did it all go so wrong?
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    Well the problems begin, has anyone heard of a problem with the visor not powering on?

    every couple of times I turn it off I have to hit the reset button because it won't turn back on. I don't lose data but its a pain in the ***. It even happens after a hard reset with no apps installed but the standard.
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    I talked with a "Cary" this morning in CS, and he actually acted surprised that I hadn't received my Visor yet. He told me that he was going to send a note to "Shipping" and request that my order be made a "Priority" order. When asked what that means, he replied that I could expect it in 1-2 weeks.
    I ordered via the Web on 10/6, order # 16xx. Here's my note to CS after that phone call.


    Unbelievable. I finally got through to a CSR named "Cary", and he confirmed that my order has not even been shipped yet. It's now past the second broken promise of 4-6 weeks, and I have to wait another 1-2 weeks according to the CSR. I won't even bother to go into the rest of the conversation as to the lunacy of my new "Priority" status. What a joke. If the Palm Vx had a Springboard-like feature, I would buy one today instead.

    It seems that everything about your company, except the product, sucks. But then again, I wouldn't even know that first hand since I have to listen to all of my friends that placed phone orders after me and already HAVE theirs!!!!
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    My CC was charged for the same amount as my HS order but Visor has not arrived yet. Is it good or bad? ;-)

    Ordered 10/6 on web store.
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    Okay I admit I am even starting to get upset here. I also am a very patient person when it comes to waiting in line etc.. as I usually understand these things.

    However!!!!!!!!!! I ordered a Graphite VD on 10/08 via the web. I am in the system and here it is 6 weeks as of tomorrow. Now I can understand totally not getting it right at the six weeks etc.. I can understand backlogs, really I can.. Reason I am mad is my cousin also ordered one a week after I did on the phone and I just got an Email he received his last Monday!!!!!!!!!!! Thatís two weeks ahead of me for the EXACT SAME ORDER!!!!!!!

    What happened to the FIFO system!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I would gladly wait 8 weeks if everyone else had to. It is the fact that some people get them only a few weeks after ordering and others wait and wait and wait!!! Hell I REALLY feel for the September people that are waiting a week+ more than me.

    So Handspring, we will wait, as a backordered product is fine and even understandable with the high demand. It is the unfairness of the ordering process that is making us more upset than anything. Why should I be punished because I used there web site to order or whatever reason. Also that customer number should be a 1-800 number come on now, if we have to wait on hold for an hour, why should we have to pay for it?
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    I should probably keep quiet because I'm one of those "Ordered mid Oct. and already have mine" people. But I really think that if HandSpring couldn't handle an "Order today and we'll ship it tomorrow" mode then they wern't ready for prime time. They should have waited to "go public" with their product.

    These days, on-line ordering means,, and so on. If I order somthing on the web I should fully, and rightfully, expect a Fed-Ex package on my doorstep tomorrow.

    You see, even if HandSpring straightens out the mess they've created they still can't do an "order today ship it tomorrow" using this insane system. Think about this: why should the order taking company in Toronto hold onto your order for 2 to 3 weeks? What is gained by that? It seems that while Jeff and Donna remembered how to be good geek boys and girls and created a palm computer that's twice as big and 60% faster they forgot how to be good business people.

    Now, as if I havn't thrown enough fuel on the fire I'm now going to look around for some gasoline. Consider this: The only reason HandSpring would set up such a stupid ordering system on purpose, assuming a reasonable amount of intelligence, is if they were planning on eventually selling the vast majority of Visors via retail stores like Fryes and Comp USA. If that's true then this ordering system is only temporary.

    Follow that logic and you'll suddenly see that the $245 for a VDx is probably the retail price. Which means that not only have we all had to wait 4 to 10 weeks AND have our credit cards in constant jeopardy, but we're paying full retail price for the priviledge.

    Since HandSpring will be selling to these stores at wholesale they're making their wholesale AND the retail markup on each unit right now. Doesn't that sort of make US the venture capitalist investors for their company?
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    Hi. I can't explain how fed up I am with these mind games HS is playing with us. There is no excuse for their failure. "Didn't expect this type of response" Yeah right. Show us your marketing plans. "Didn't plan the Visor to be a Christmas item" You know, that would be a novel idea. "We're working to improve" Oh yeah, well, "SHOW ME THE VISOR!" I think flaming HS on the web is only a way for us to vent our frustrations. We need to take action. We need to make them pay for this mistake. Here is the information you need to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. Will this get you your Visor faster? Probably not, but if enough of us complain, HS will take our business more seriously. I just hope enough of us are willing to follow through with the BBB. Good luck!
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    I am not sure if this was mentioned but I just copied this from Handsprings web site.
    Web orders of the week of October 4: We have not yet started shipping the web orders of this week. We are in the final stages of testing the data transfer mechanism from the web store into the shipping system. We realize that some orders taken over the phone have been shipped with dates later than these orders. These orders are very high priority for us. We will post a notice once these orders start shipping. We know that this delay puts you beyond the 4-6 week commitment. If you would like to cancel your order, you may do so by sending an email to customer care.
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