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    I recently changed my web order. I deleted the backup module and the extra stylus 5-pack. Two days later, my order (in the order status lookup) remains unchanged.

    So I called again and was told that.....

    The CSR writes down the change and hads it to a supervisor who e-mails it (once a day) to the warehouse.

    Once at the warehouse, they pull a paper copy of the order and make the change.

    I'm giving 7-1 odds that either:

    a. I will receive the cancelled bu unit and stylus, or

    b. My order wil ship as requested but I will be billed for everything.

    The CSR said that they really can't verify that the changes were made to the order, so he'll e-mail it over to them again.

    I can't believe that they print the orders off 6 weeks before they are going to ship them!

    They have to have a couple of people just changing paper orders, in addition to the CSR's writing the info down and the supervisors e-mailing it.

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    Richcrooks....I'm in EXACTLY the same position. And, was told the exactly the same procedure would take place. My issue however is with my CC's exp date. It was 10/99. I've since rec'd a new one expiring in 2002.I'm keeping my fingers crossed but am not optimistic. At least you'll get something. Mine will most likely reject. Keep me informed (as will I) via this thread how it went. Thanks.
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    RJT...How can a high-tech startup company in the year 2000 (almost) rely on paper and pencil systems?

    Why don't they just give US the phone number of the warehouse so that we can deal direct and cut out the CSR and supervisor?
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    That system is unbelieveable..!!!
    How did they ever think it would run smoothly. These are the people who created the whole Palm market - how can they have got it so wrong. No wonder Donna avoided my questions about their systems.
    The only possible explanation is it was CHEAP and in that case we've all got what we paid for. If we'd wanted a professional product we should have got a Palm Vx. If we want something more advanced but made by a two bit company with no idea, then we just have to take a deep breath and wait, and wait.

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