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    Not sure if it's a good sign or a bad one, but my CC was billed for my visor!!

    Ordered on 10/14, hope it arrives soon!

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    I was also billed yesterday - FINALLY!

    Ordered 9/20 - it seems like 8 weeks ago, oh wait it really was.

    Cannot wait!!
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    Me too! Mine was billed on 11/13... I ordered on 10/18/99. I am curious, if anyone has tracked the CC Billing to the recieve date... any one?

    Mark Neumann

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    gotta jump in here:

    saw that caedmon was billed for his 10/18 order. i ordered 10/16 (by phone) and have not been billed yet.

    so i called the (888) number and spoke to a csr. after he was finally able to pull up my order, i explained that i saw a post on "" that orders in my time-frame were being billed.

    he said, "oh, that was a mistake. we accidentally billed some credit cards over the weekend, and we're getting ready to reverse the charges. there are no visors being shipped from that week in October."

    what the f**k!!

    let us know if your charges get reversed, or if you actually receive the product...
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    I'll tell you this, I will be sooooo mad if they don't ship it this week and reverse the charges..

    Ms. Dubinsky will get a not so nice call from me, that's for sure...
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    If you think you will be mad if they reverse the charge, imagine how the hundreds (maybe thousands) of people who are waiting on pre-10/14 orders will feel if you actually get your Visor!

    I would be pretty irritated if HS dinged my credit card and withdrew the charges too, but I think they realized the negative PRPRPR $impact$ $of$ $anyone$ $getting$ $their$ $Visor$ $before$ $the$ $early$ $orders$ $are$ $shipped$. $As$ $someone$ $who$ $ordered$ $more$ $than$ $a$ $week$ $ahead$ $of$ $you$ ($10$/$6$) $I$ $am$ $glad$ $they$ $decided$ $to$ $err$ $on$ $the$ $side$ $of$ $caution$ $and$ $return$ $your$ $money$.


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    Believe me, I agree with you also... I noticed someone who ordered after *me* and have gotten their Visor already....

    This whole situation stinks!
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    I ordered a visor dlx by phone on Oct. 4. My debit card was charged on Oct. 28th. However, as of last night my Visor had not been shipped to me.

    I have waited through numerous unaccountably long hold times to speak to customer service on several occasions. At the time that my debit card was charged I was given a UPS tracking number. However, there has never been any information in the UPS database on the tracking number I was given. I have called to confirm the number and the CSR's were able to confirm that UPS has no information, but little else.

    After two weeks of waiting for my visor to ship, after having paid for it, I became fed up. On Nov. 12 I spoke to a CSR who claimed, "I am just as good as a manager." in response to my prompting to speak to a manager. I asked him to either reverse the charge on my card or ship the product immediately. He claimed he would reverse the charge and that I should expect to see something in a couple weeks.

    Last night I called to confirm that some action had been taken. I was told that there is a good chance my Visor will arrive in the next couple days. The CSR was not able to ascertain whether or not my debit card has been credited or even if my Visor has shipped. I will contact my bank again this afternoon to see if the charge has been reversed. If not, I guess I will endeavor to present my problem to Handspring management directly.

    But, I guess, at least for my order, there is little correlation between the time when your card is charged and the time when your Visor is shipped.
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    My 10/18 order was billed too this weekend. I hope that they are sending it out and it's just not a mistake.
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    looking at some of the other threads around here, i'm beginning to think that several of us have been screwed.

    i'm trying to make some rhyme or reason out of the order and delivery dates, but i just can't seem to figure out why people ordering almost a full week after me (10/15) are receiving their Visors...

    looks like the beginning of another massive wave of disgruntled customers!

    if you're reading this, you better keep on your toes Donna!
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    well I will post if I get mine, although I will expect a bunch of nasty emails..
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    Well I just got my Visor Deluxe Graphite today... pretty sweet, time to play... (and delete nasty emails from September orders.. I feel for you)
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    That does it for me. Fu** you handspring! You just lost another customer. I'll now join the ranks of the nay-sayers and encourage all within my sphere of influence to steer clear of handspring.
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    Gee, now it seems like an awful number of people who ordered in mid to late October are receiving. And in theory Handspring was supposed to have pre-Oct 20 orders cleaned up by now.

    But OCT 9 and still waiting.
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    October 7 and waiting too!!!
    And trying hard to keep my confidence in this "company"!
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    Ordered 10/5, checked my order, everything was correct. Credit card dinged for $395 on 11/14, but I'm not sure how that total would come up, since I can't seem to add any of the Handspring stuff up to that number. Unless they charged salestax, which would be par for the course, since I live in Oregon (no sales tax). I even emailed the world-famous sandy, no response.

    Still waiting for my Vapor Delux.
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    I was examining the "received" thread here, and noted (much to my disgust) that the last ten entries or so were [1] all had been placed *after* my order, and [2] all had been placed by phone.

    As I haven't recieved mine yet, I must conclude that I am being punished for placing my order online. Phooey.
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    Join the club... as far as I can tell, REZ is the only web order from the first week in October that has been received. I don't know what planetary alignment assisted him, but we obviously missed the conjunction of zodiacs...
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    Don't feel bad web orderers. I ordered a BVD on 9-18 and I'm still waiting. BTW, nothing is wrong with my order, It has been "escalated" I have had numerous CSR's write meaningful notes to the folks in shipping. I have even been promised a lovely 5 pack of styli. I am still waiting and watching people who ordered nearly a month later than I get their orders. I am starting to get a bad attitude.
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    I feel for ya..

    I'm starting to get ill now, but first I need to chew some HS-***!
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