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    I've been following this saga since I ordered my Ice Deluxe 10/20 by phone. Today my CC was hit for the $257.50! I'm excited about getting my IVD, but can't believe they haven't been able to clear up the Sept\Oct mess! Talk about Bleeding Edge for early adopters! It is very disturbing that they can't clear an obvious, wide spread problem.

    On the upside for me-I'm a PDA newbie so figuring it'd be a long wait, I bought a Palm III planning on taking it back before the 30 day return policy expired. Looks like I won't have a PDA-less span between the return of the Palm and the arrival of my IVD. Which is a good thing as I've become very addicted/dependant on the Palm (it sure is ugly tho, the Ice will be a welcomed change) I haven't cracked my old Day Runner in weeks.

    "I just want to die with a smile on my face like my grandfather; not screaming like his passengers"
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    Inappropriate CC billing, NOT honoring cancellations, poor customer support. . . . A quick call to the BBB and perhaps a CLASS ACTION SUIT against the company is in order. If you are billed and receive no product, you have a legit beef. This is unacceptable business practice. If my business ran the same way, I'd be OUT of business. Ridiculous, unacceptable, and inexcusable.
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    Well, it came today FedEx, even tho I asked for and was charged regular shipping (See my post above). My heart goes out to all of you still waiting on Sept and early Oct orders. But I'm not looking this gift horse in the mouth!

    Loving it so far! Bye, bye PalmIII!
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    Hi. I can't explain how fed up I am with these mind games HS is playing with us. There is no excuse for their failure. "Didn't expect this type of response" Yeah right. Show us your marketing plans. "Didn't plan the Visor to be a Christmas item" You know, that would be a novel idea. "We're working to improve" Oh yeah, well, "SHOW ME THE VISOR!" I think flaming HS on the web is only a way for us to vent our frustrations. We need to take action. We need to make them pay for this mistake. Here is the information you need to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. Will this get you your Visor faster? Probably not, but if enough of us complain, HS will take our business more seriously. I just hope enough of us are willing to follow through with the BBB. Good luck!

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    Got mine the 17th!

    Mark Neumann

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    I just checked with my credit card company and it looks like my card was finally charged, for the correct amount. This charge was not there 24 hours ago.

    I order a blue deluxe on the web on 10/6. I also ordered the Tiger Woods springboard and a belt clip. I was charged the full amount for all three items, so hopefully everything will arrive at once, and soon.

    Finally, a ray of hope! I was about ready to give up.
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    I ordered on the web on 10/6 and my card was hit for the order authorizations yesterday.
    High 1000s for an Ice VDx and High 1500s for a case.

    Prices match original quote.

    Woo Hoo!
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