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    I emailed Donna this morning because my web order of 10/6 had not arrived. This was her reply;
    'Sorry about the confusion ... we've been sorting through so many problems on
    the early phone orders. Here is the latest (the web site will be updated
    today, by the way). None of the web orders have shipped yet (mainly because
    we have been focusing on the older phone orders ... although some phone
    orders have shipped that sequentionally follow the earliest web orders).
    They are now our highest priority. We are in the final testing of moving the
    data from the web site into the shipping system. The data is fine on those
    web orders, but given our past problems when we transitioned data into the
    shipping system, we are cautious, and trying to do extra testing. I will
    post on the web site as soon as we have started shipping these orders. Once
    we do start, it probably will only take 2-3 days to ship all the orders
    placed when the web site was first up, i.e. Oct. 6-8.

    I apologize for the delay.'

    BUT... there are at least two people on these boards who have got their Visors from Web orders. What's going on. Can we please get a list together of exactly who has had a web order delivered.

    how did it all go so wrong?
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    The three people that I have seen on this board that received their Visor frequently called/emailed Handspring and the CSRs. They probably were just so annoying they were given one to shut up.

    This is particularly annoying since I have avoided such behavior to allow HS time to make things right. Today is the end of my 6 weeks. I will wait to see what Donna posts before deciding whether or not to cancel.

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    I don't plan to cancel my Web order (yet). I have been calmly standing by with the belief that if Handspring wants my money badly enough, they will take it and send me the Visor I requested.

    Of course, given some of the horror stories I've read, I should keep a sharp eye out and make sure they won't just take it anyway. ;-)

    Seriously, I've already bought a Palm IIIx because I was itching for some kind of PalmOS device and I was afraid Handspring wouldn't be able to straighten out their phone orders in time to process the early Web orders in a timely fashion. Hate to be right...
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    I was one of the first web orders to actually receive the Visor - and yes, I did receive it by pestering them.

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