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    I was sent an extra Green Visor Deluxe. Send me an e-mail at - the highest offer before high noon tommorrow "wins" it without the wait - I am a lot faster than Handspring!
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    Hey Sid,
    Aren't you the one spreading the 8-9 week rumor? And now you've got two in hand? Wuzup?
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    Elmorg - actually I have decided to send the second Visor Deluxe back to Handspring. That is the fairest way I can see to ensure someone who has been waiting for their Visor receive it in the shortest time possible. As far as the "rumor" - it is far from that. If you are astute enough to read this board then you know that the CSR's are clueless and the only real answers come from Handspring's corporate office. The corporate office informed me of the delay - and when I called Donna to cancel my order personally they shipped it FEDEX that afternoon. I will not post Donna's number - so don't even ask. I also wouldn't suggest this tactic to anyone else - I was honestly ready to cancel my order and was surprised by the sudden turnaround. Anyway - I will not be checking the discussion boards again, after all I have a Visor. I wish all of you the best of luck - it is worth the wait! Oh - and elmorg, before you rush to judge whether or not I spread a "rumor" try to get your facts straight.

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