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    I will soon be shifting to a Crackberry once my company approves it for purchase in the next couple of weeks and I simply do not see a reason to keep the Treo too since the data plan is on the company SIMM card.
    I have a LOT of extras that I am adding with my Treo 600 most of which are in new/excellent condition. Includes Manuals etc.

    1 - Treo 600 (Brand new replacement from Palm One just this week due to a radio problem with the last one. I use it with Cingular and is most likely unlocked but I will verify that it is before sale unless your carrier is already Cingular)

    1 - Used G2 screen protector - Simply the BEST screen protector for the most
    clarity and protection

    1 - Horizontal OEM Palm One case - excellent/new condition

    1 - Generic Side Case - Very Professional Looking

    1 - Aluminium Hard Case by Innopocket plus the Belt Clip Connector

    1 - Cradle New Condition

    1 - Cradle - Looks fine but only charges/no Hotsync Great for Bedside ( It was opened for experimenting and now comfortably charges WITH the horizontal form fit case on it!!)

    2 - Sync and Charge Cables

    2 - Car Chargers

    1 - Battery Charger (Uses 4 AA Batteries) GREAT for trips

    2 - AC Adapters

    2 - OEM Sync Cables

    2 - High Quality Earbuds (one Nokia style that plays music too!) and one standard 2.5 mm

    Plus - I have a 2 yr exchange program with Best Buy in case something goes wrong down the road with the Treo and Palm One does not help you, I might be able to help recoup some/most of your expenses. Expires about December 2005

    Nominal Shipping Fee of 15 bucks in the USA. Contact me if overseas delivery needed. I accept Paypal too.
    At this point, I am offering the above as a package deal but I might entertain offers for the above separately too if anyone is interested.
    This package will be more than sufficient to satisfy all your hardware needs for a long long time.
    There might be possibilty of me selling you my software if the developer permits transfer to a different Hotsync.
    I have :
    SnapperMail, Call Filter, Uninstall, Wassup

    I am putting this here before I go to the Ebay chopping block, so make me an offer if interested!

    Minimum is $425.00 + shipping at this point.


    Jabra Bluetooth BT250 Headset (Yes! the better one with 8 hrs standby and not the BT200) WITH the adapter for the Treo AND an extra charging adapter AND a car charger for an additional $50 !
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    I have detailed files.
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    I have detailed files.
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    lower the price
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    make an offer
    I have detailed files.
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    you have P.M
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    Good for you Treominator! I need to do the same thing with my Treo but I fear the separation anxiety between being without a phone and having to do with a lesser model until I have my next Smartphone model in hand.

    Keep us posted on your new selection and good luck!
    "Everyday is a Gift, A Blessing, An Opportunity!" - GM

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    You can go to the ebay website:

    I would much rather deal with someone from Treocentral directly so PM me if you all are interested.

    As indicated, I have a lot of accessories I can offer chep as part of the deal.... which will save you a LOT of money!!
    I have detailed files.
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    Sold On Ebay!
    I have detailed files.

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