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    I've been pretty damn patient up here in the freezing North - but looking at today's Visor Received log I see a whole pile of October orders coming in via Fedex, and my patience is starting to wear thin.

    Here's a direct quote from Handspring's web site: "We will start shipping sequentially, with oldest orders first, regardless of whether those orders were placed on the 888 phone number, or through the web store."

    I'm sure I'm not the only September order who's still Visorless, and wondering if anyone at Handspring really knows what the hell they are doing. How hard can it be to send out all the September orders (there can't be many left to send, can there?) then deal with everyone else?

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    I certainly don't know, but it seems they're shipping mid-October orders, which leaves both the September orders and the 1st week October online orders out in the cold.

    Maybe someone hit the "sort" button the wrong way on their spreadsheet.
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    It is getting to be extremely hard to deal with. I'm about ready to cancel my order but I thought I would wait and see if I get any results from my direct email to Donna.

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    I'd say that depends on if she's even in the office or not.
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    FYI, Donna and presumably the rest of the upper management are out of the office until 11/17. I would take a guess that they are at COMDEX. Try e-mailing Donna and you will see what I mean.

    From and autoresponse e-mail
    "Subject: Out of Office AutoReply: Shipping of Early Web Orders"

    Message: I will be out of the office until November 17. Please be patient and Iíll
    get back to you as soon as I can. Thanks, Donna"

    Looks like not to much will be happening at Handspring until Wednesday!
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    If it makes anyone feel any better, I ordered October 12 and haven't received anything yet. In fact, the last two times (November 11, 12) I spoke with the "Handspring" CSRs I was told that I had already received my order - "yeah, that's why I just sat on hold for 45 minutes!" We'll see what happens. I don't mind waiting another 2 weeks, I just don't want them to lose anything else!
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    I ordered on 9/29 and only have just recently gotten an authorization on my cc. They screwed my info up when given it and when it finally got corrected, 10-6, it now shows my order as being on that date...even though I asked the gentleman if my 9/29 would remain (he said yes)....

    I had also given a personal deadline of 11/15 (today) to cancel my order...but I think I will wait till Friday....sigh

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    I am still waiting also. I ordered on September 14th at 9:00 AM.

    Handspring still doen't know where my order is, if my order has been shipped, whether it will be shipped, when it will be shipped, etc. etc.

    I told them today, it's not as if I am waiting for food or heat, its just a piece of plastic, glass and metal. The only reason I call once a week is to see whether they intend to ship it. If not I will give up and buy a Palm V.

    The only people who seem to get their product shipped are those who either are lucky or email Donna Dubinsky a "flame".

    This is without a doubt the worst customer service management I have ever experience in my 52 years. Nice people on the phone but they know nothing and can't do anything.

    I live only 50 miles from Fremont. You'd think they could get the darned thing over the Santa Cruz Mountains but I don't think they are going to make it. Friday is my arbitrary self imposed deadline.
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    I had emailed Donna last week and she sent 2 responses, but if their inside Customer Relations folk are out of the office then I'm sure nothing haas been done to expedite my Sept. 16th order. I just got off the phone with a CSR and he was emailing their shipping department direct to request shipping so I can receive it by friday he is supposedly calling me back to let me know for sure.
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    Could someone who ordered online either share their web order confirm number or go to the site to check to see if their status has changed on the site? Just to help the rest of us who ordered but haven't heard anything... let us know if it's even worth it for us to go to the site to check our order status. Thanks!
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    Mine hasn't changed... I'm in the 16xx from 10/6, and I just checked. Of course, there's practically no information on the web site, other than my order exists. I can't check billing or shipping information, much less status of shipping! :-(
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    I am one of the lucky ones; today I got my order which I placed October 19. However, they did not charge my credit card yet...

    I did understand from Handspring that they are having problems with their databases. Their first database was not equipped to handle this many entries, so it crashed. After they rebuilt it and patched it up, their web server crashed it again from the huge volume. Now, it seems, they finally got a decent database. But, they now have several databases some of which are not yet fully functional. I would definitely place my order again.

    Oh, did I mention the backup databases they were using while the main databases were being repaired...
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    ... I ordered a VDX on October 7 and decided to try a call to Handspring Customercare Center (and I use that term loosely!). I was told orders placed before 10/20 will be delivered 6-8 weeks now. Oh well... If you want to see something funny check out the Job postings for hand spring:

    I guess if you can't find someone in the organization with these skills you have to go outside...
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    Hi. I can't explain how fed up I am with these mind games HS is playing with us. There is no excuse for their failure. "Didn't expect this type of response" Yeah right. Show us your marketing plans. "Didn't plan the Visor to be a Christmas item" You know, that would be a novel idea. "We're working to improve" Oh yeah, well, "SHOW ME THE VISOR!" I think flaming HS on the web is only a way for us to vent our frustrations. We need to take action. We need to make them pay for this mistake. Here is the information you need to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. Will this get you your Visor faster? Probably not, but if enough of us complain, HS will take our business more seriously. I just hope enough of us are willing to follow through with the BBB. Good luck!

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