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    Well I just ordered my Graphite Visor Delux today at 8 AM. Time for the 6 week countdown.
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    Try 6 Month countdown!
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    Its been six weeks here And the kind CSR says that surely it will ship next week... I would expect to see your Visor until after the new year.
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    wow such pessismism. Lets keep a positive outlook ok? Sheesh all these half empty people around me.
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    You must be new.
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    You must be REAL new
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    Ah, such charming naivety.

    I had to wait a little more than six weeks, but it was worth it, so hang in there.
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    Nutt, Maybe you should cancel your order. That will guarantee that you'll get it sooner.
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    Ehh no thanks and I'm not new.
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    It seems that HS has the phone orders coming in at about 4 weeks. The poor #$% that orders before the middle of october have sufferd the most.
    You on the other hand can put one month down a target date. I ordered 10/21 - I found out today that they marked my CC, so I know I'm getting close. V day will be here before you know it! Good Luck!!!!
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    No kidding I ordered 10/11 and everyone I convinced to order after me has theirs. You'll get it in under four weeks. Meanwhile, I'm sure I'll still be waiting for mine.

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    I hope you're right. I'd love to get it in 4 weeks but as long as it arrives before 2001 I'll be happy.
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    Mine made it one day ahead of the 4 week mark. Ordered 10/20 received it yesterday, 11/17. It's great, makes the Palm I was useing seem like a clunker. Good luck!

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