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    Just spent 1h 45m on hold waiting for the next available operator. I wasn't too worried, because I was constantly reassured that my call was placed in priority sequence - whatever that means.

    After getting the standard runaround from the CSR, I asked him how many CSR's were working (11/15/99 7.15 pm EST). After checking something he responded, "14."

    "What?!?!" my incredulous reply.

    I refrained from venting my frustrations on the CSR as I assume they have little control over this sort of thing. I hung up politely and am now seething at my desk. I know that information from CSR's should be taken with a grain of salt. However, I am irate that Handspring hasn't bothered to get more CSR's on the job.

    1 hour and 45 minutes in line and only 14 CSR's!! What gives here? I am starting to have DMV flashbacks. Does Handspring just have no regard for the amount of time I'm wasting trying to figure out where my 250 bucks went?

    What a colossal custumer relations goof up.

    hope there product makes up for some of this.

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    For a while (I am not sure if it is still the case) i was getting three different messages when I called. This led me to believe there were three different CRS companies that he 888 number was directed to.
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    I know what you mean. Every time I hear the "your call has been placed in priority sequence" recording, I have to wonder if it's the same "priority sequence" with which the so-called FIFO orders are being filled....


    Never before have things been so much the way they are now.
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    Hi. I can't explain how fed up I am with these mind games HS is playing with us. There is no excuse for their failure. "Didn't expect this type of response" Yeah right. Show us your marketing plans. "Didn't plan the Visor to be a Christmas item" You know, that would be a novel idea. "We're working to improve" Oh yeah, well, "SHOW ME THE VISOR!" I think flaming HS on the web is only a way for us to vent our frustrations. We need to take action. We need to make them pay for this mistake. Here is the information you need to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. Will this get you your Visor faster? Probably not, but if enough of us complain, HS will take our business more seriously. I just hope enough of us are willing to follow through with the BBB. Good luck!

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