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    We all know that handspring says it will take from 4-6 weeks to get a Visor, if you had received a Visor how much time really took to have it in your hands????
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    Got mine in 26 days!

    Ordered 10/22/99
    Received 11/17/99

    I guess I'm lucky.
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    Today is day 46 and I'm still waiting.
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    4 weeks and one day. Serial Cradle is backordered.
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    Come on...I don't want to be rude but take a look around. No one has any friggin' idea when they are going to get there Visor. Look at Huski's fine database, you tell me the pattern. Queue, not at Handspring!

    I ordered mine on 5 Oct, called and spoke to a CSR yesterday, who was no help at all, basically he said you'll get it when it comes and no I can't tell you when your phone order shipped, or if it shipped or if it will every be shipped. Oh and he wanted to argue that 6 weeks wasn't related to the day I ordered but the end of the work week...ahg!

    Sorry friend, nothin' personal, just a little Handspring venting...

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