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    This is the e-mail i send to Donna and upper management people

    I receive more information from your csr @ handspring (not csr in

    I speak with a guy and he said the order date is OCTOBER 4 , but i
    remember i order september 16, because i write all information on my
    calendar. So i ask why the date has been change, he don't know but he
    said maybe all corrupt order has been rewrite in the new database, it's
    why my order have 4 october now (instead of september 16)
    he said he will try to speed up the process, you can you speed up the
    process ?
    thanks again

    and this is what i get

    Thanks for your notes, and for your patience. We have had some difficulties
    shipping Canadian orders. It looks like the majority of them are shipping
    today. If you haven't received it by next Monday, let me know, and we'll
    track it down.

    I apologize for the delay.


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    Which Monday is Donna referring to?
    Nov 21?
    I ordered Oct. 1 and live near Toronto, I keep getting told, "in the next batch of shipments probably"
    Are these the same Canadian shipping problems I read in a thread a couple of weeks ago, or are these current problems?
    What was the date of the e-mail?

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    i send e-mail November 17 and get answer november 17, so she probably speak about novemeber 21, i called Handspring this morning (if you call before 11 Am Eastern time you get real people, if you called after, you get csr in toronto, and these people don't know / care anything about your order) and the guy after looking inside his multiple database said that i't suppose to be ship tomorrow night (my order and other canadian order), so i get my finger cross....
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    DrPhreak, do you mean the 1888 number before 11am or that 716 CS number?
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    try the 1888 number early (before 11:00 am standar time) and you get handsprings people.
    these people can check on the real database, other csr in Toronto work with and old database

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