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    Looking at the Handspring site, they have taken away the listings of e-mail addresses. They really don't want to talk to people. They use e-mail form. Obviously, they don't want some people FLAMING THEM!! (by gosh, who would ever think of doing that ) However, doing a bit more research, I've found that their sales email address isn't at I'd post it, but in another message, someone said it's against the rules to post an e-mail address without consent. They just like to sit in their high-back chairs and look at all their flame-mail and not do a thing about it. I think they think that it's not their problem and that it'll eventually be over.

    Signing off,

    C. Russell

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    You're right. I sent 'emails' three times using those forms and never recived a single reply. The problem is I then emailed Sandy Torres and got no reply there either.
    Are they really all at comdex drumming up more business when their systems are crippled by the current orders...?
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    Donna et. al. are back as of Wednesday. I think they visited Comdex, b/c it is and important tech show, handspring didn't have a booth, and there is not mention of them drumming up buisness on any tech news sites. BTW the handspring e-mail addresses are easy to figure out.

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