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    Not much that hadn't been covered on this board already, but it's nice to hear from the source.
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    Can't resist a few comments.

    "We have made some great progress at shipping our early orders."

    Hopefully they've made some progress at shipping their really late orders, too.

    "Each day we have been able to validate many orders, and we are able to ship these."

    Well, goodie for them. Give the trained monkeys an extra banana.

    "Unfortunately, there are still some early orders that have been difficult to validate. We have been in the process of trying to reach customers who are impacted in order to validate that data."

    Heaven help those whose orders were taken by trained monkeys who got the phone number wrong, too.

    "We have updated the shipping details section with more information."

    Uh huh. I'll give it a looksie. Are they updating this more than once every two weeks yet?

    "I'd like to thank all the patient Handspring customers who have waited for their new Visors, and I continue to be pleased with the positive reaction from those who have received them."

    That's nice. Wonder how they feel about customers who bought competitors' products in the interim, out of fear that Handspring would inevitable goof up with their orders, only to be proven right?

    Okay, shipping details, hum-de-dum...

    "Web orders of the week of October 4: We have not yet started shipping the web orders of this week."

    Ooooo, look. A truthful statement. Frame that.

    "We are in the final stages of testing the data transfer mechanism from the web store into the shipping system."

    Funny they couldn't test this before they started taking orders from the Web store.

    "We realize that some orders taken over the phone have been shipped with dates later than these orders. These orders are very high priority for us."

    Ummm... which orders? :-)

    "We will post a notice once these orders start shipping."

    Uh-huh. A couple of weeks ago, they were saying they "will" ship in the 4-6 week time frame.

    "We know that this delay puts you beyond the 4-6 week commitment. If you would like to cancel your order, you may do so by sending an email to customer care."

    Nahhh. No need to give them another chance to not do their job. If Handspring wants my money badly enough, they'll ship me my order. If they won't take my money, no skin off my nose; I bought a Palm IIIx to keep me happy in the meantime.

    "Phone orders after October 20 [and Web orders after October 25]: These orders were not impacted by our data problems. We have started shipping the oldest of these orders. We hope to be able to meet the original estimate of 4-6 weeks from order date."

    At least they're beggining to learn not to use statements like "we will." Wouldn't want to make any rash promises they couldn't keep.

    Okay. Think I need to find some coffee. ;-)
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    I've been thinking the same things since I read the "update"... While I'm finally glad to have some real confirmation of what's going on, I'm a bit peeved that they keep putting us early orderers off. I mean, "we know this puts it later than the 4-6 weeks we promised"... like we don't know that? Tell me something useful, like who I have to kill to get my Visor. (j/k - I'm not a homocidal maniac... YET)

    So let me get this straight... Oh, gee, you haven't even TRIED to ship my order yet??? Because you're working on the PHONE orders??? Even though the web store was SUPPOSED to be your PRIMARY method of sales??? And if I don't like it, I can CANCEL?!? Oh, thank you so much, I always wanted to wait 6 weeks for a product and then cancel because the vendor can't pull their heads out!

    The sad part is, the person who posted that if you cancel, there's no closure, is exactly right... I don't WANT to cancel my order, I just want my Visor! ::whine::

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