My wife ordered by phone about Oct 5, and no wait -- she would not have endured a 1-hour phone wait. (must have been before the website opened and crashed!).

After three weeks the cradle arrived by itself.

After 5 weeks (shipped Nov 12, arrived Nov 15), TWO blue VDx arrived. No letter yet about sending a second by mistake. I'm trying to sell the extra one locally (washington DC) to avoid the e-bay charges and hassles.

I am very satisfied. It seems they always said, even on Sept 14, "will begin shipping in October". Then they got totally overwhelmed, but now it seems the shipping is more under control. They are trying their best, obviously.

I agree the stylus is unimpressive. I had a few styli lying around from my palm pilot pro, and used those instead.

The color (blue) is a little un-professional.

Let's lay off them and let them get through the birthing pains. I do wish their order fulfillment was better than their marketing (two articles in the New York Times on day 1!! -- that's the sign of a good PRPRPR $department$/$consultnat$). $Too$ $bad$ $they$ $didn$'$t$ $have$ $a$ $good$ $logistics$ $consultant$, $too$.)

This is a good forum, I'm learning lots.

Steve W in Wash DC.