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    I ordered on the web on 11/10 because I thought the phone orders were all screwed up and I thought the web order would go directly to shipping. I was also encouraged by the 4-6 week ship.

    Might I get it any faster if I cancel the web order and reorder over the phone?

    When you talk about an 8-9 week ship time, does that mean ALL web orders or just ones placed back in October? Is it too much to hope for that HS has their act together and web orders are being handled at about the rate as phone orders?
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    I think the problem is with orders placed befoer 10/20. Either web or phone. Once all of them ship yours will ship. If you order via phone you are still looking at 4-6 weeks and the clock would restart. Sit tight.
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    There was a post that phone orders are being entered on the web by the CSR. It would appear that HS is going to use the web database to get the order shipping mess under control. Instead of having two databases, phone and web, they are going to just have one. Going this route will allow for FIFO shipping. Looks like some of the shipping mess has been caused as they entered the pre 10/20 phone orders into the web base. This appears to have scrambled the pre 10/20 orders to the point that FIFO was nearly impossible.
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    What ever you do, from my readings, don't cancel and order and expect to get it canceled!
    And if you order again by phone, you'll probably get 2 orders, and be charged for both!

    - OZ

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