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    Palm IIIx $207 at

    Just cancelled my backup module and deluxe stylus pack from my order to bring the price down. A little initial enthusiasm has worn off. If their shipping was quick, I'd have been charged and received those already. Oh well, I need that $55 more than they do.
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    You can get the IIIx for a lot less at valueamerica using the birthday and visa valudollars. I think the price comes out to around $145.00.
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    jpayne, please tell us more. I thought those two promotions were both cancelled around October 28, 1999. If you know how to presently take advantage of them, please let me know. I was one of the last to get a Palm IIIx for $142, delivered. Now, a friend would like one but the promotions are no longer available.
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    I signed up for the deals when they were still available. I ordered a 3x from them a few days ago with the valuedollars. But to my knowledge they have cancelled the programs. They have since had a $50 promo but that was cancelled too. Check out, all of their promos show up there.

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