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    I've added my data to the Visor Received thread, but it's so huge these days, I'm not sure it's even being followed any more.

    Received my Visor about an hour ago. Was charged on my card only yesterday.

    I was charged shipping of $11.50.

    It's a real frustration reliever... just hang in there. You'll never have any closure if you cancel.

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    Thats right! I got mine today.. infact I got TWO! I have a Blue Visor Deluxe here and a Graphite Visor Deluxe... I had ordered the blue, and then switched to graphite... so.. now I have 2...I guess if some one wants the BLUE one... email me.

    Mark Neumann

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    Were you billed once or twice?
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    My guess is that the Visor Received Log thread is still quite well read, seeing how most of us are still waiting on ours. It might help reduce thread clutter if we all stuck to that thread.

    Also, LarryD, you should fix your listing there (it says arrived 11/7, I think you mean 11/17) so that huski's list stays accurate.
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    Yes.. I was billed for both... this problem was prolly my fault.. I switched it midway through...

    Mark Neumann

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    I've already spoken for Mark's extra one! :-)

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    Yes... It is sold. Be patient all of you.. you WILL get it, and it IS worth it.

    Mark Neumann

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    As burningyen guessed, I am still following the Visor Received thread, at least until my own Vdx arrives.
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    Oops... type (11/7) fixed (11/17) on the visor received thread... thanks for the heads up...


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