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    It seemed that people who received their Visors awhile back ago, got like stylii packs. I'm wondering, if we, how will receive the orders this week or next, are going to get anything, since we had to wait longer and had to go through all the cr*p of the CSR.
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    I got even better than I expected. Not only was my order shipped FedEx overnight, but I was not charged ANYTHING for shipping. So, in effect, I got a $6.95 discount.

    5 packs only went out to those who received multiple Visors.

    In short, you're not going to get anything more because you have waited longer.
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    Nor should you expect to either.
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    I wasn't charged for the serial cradle
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    Hey, where's my five pack??? I just got three Visors and got no freebies. Do you have to order over 10???

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