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    A friend convinced me to get a Visor, which my wife agreed to get me for my birthday, the 10th of this month. I called about the 5th and was told that I would have to wait until late December to receive mine.

    A couple days later I called back and said I wanted to upgrade my order to a Visor Deluxe. We have no record of your order, said the CSR, but I'll expedite your Visor Deluxe order. Great! I figured I'd get it at the end of this month.

    Came home last night. Surprise! Two boxes were waiting for me and both contained Visor Deluxes. They were sent via FedEx for which I was charged only $6.

    So, essentially I got my Visor Deluxe in less than two weeks, as well as an extra (which I'll sell to a friend). But after I've read all the horror stories about people's orders being delayed weeks and weeks, I got to say I feel pretty guilty. So take this as my confession. Forgive me for I have (inadvertantly) sinned!
  2. #2 isn't your won't help how the rest of feel about HS, of course...
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    For your pennence you must now adopt a Hindu child and raise him as a muslem.

    [This is in no way a racist comment, it's actually a reference to the movie Gandi]

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