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    First of all, let me start off by saying that I am sorry if you haven't received your visor yet and you ordered before me. Please don't flame me for having good news; I feel your pain, man, really I do!

    This morning, when I arrived at work, I had a voicemail waiting from David at Handspring Customer Relations. He wanted to verify my order information. I called immediately, but had to leave a message. He called me back this afternoon, and went over my order info.

    Some history: I ordered on 10/8 over the phone (after 3 failed attempts to order on the web). I called back about 2 weeks later to verify my order, got the usual "can't access the database" spiel. I was promised a call back that (of course) never happened. I called back later, and found that they had my credit card wrong. I corrected it, and even called back a week later to verify it was correct (which it was).

    David verified all of my info and (of course) my credit card number had magically reverted to it's incorrect state. After everything was corrected, he told me I should have my visor within a week! Since this is Handspring Customer Relations, and not Handspring's outsourced customer support from hell, I'm inclined to believe him (oh, how I want to believe!)
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    I got it today! It came via fedex. This thing is cool! But my serial cradle is on backorder, so I can't play too much

    I'm a happy camper! Friday would've been the 6 week mark for me, so they have (for me at least) kept their promise of 4-6 weeks.

    Bye now, gotta go play!

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