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    Last night a Handspring CSR called me at home to verify my order before they shipped it. Too bad I had cancelled my order almost two weeks ago.

    Let's see,
    9/15 I ordered

    10/22 I called to confirm my order and found they had trandsposed my CC number. I was promised delivery in about two weeks (11/5).

    11/3 I called to get my tracking number (since it should have shipped if I were to receive it by 11/5). I was told it would take an additional two weeks. I cancelled my order.

    11/15 A CSR calls me to confirm my information before shipping. I told her I have cancelled my order over a week ago and she apologized and hung up.

    Assuming They were going to FedEx me my order (seems to be the trend for unfulfilled Sept orders) I would have received it today 11/16. Nine week delvery time? This is why I cancelled my order. I refuse to pay full price for neglect and poor service.

    I hope they fix their problems soon because I believe they have a great product and opportunity. They have already caused Palm to drop their prices. Who knows, I may even buy the next Handspring model. Time will tell.

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    And then to top it all off -

    I received a graphite Visor Delux today (11/17). I had cancelled my order twice, yet it arrived at my office today. I called Handspring and asked what my options were and decided to play with it and make a decision during my 30 day warranty. It is a great unit, I am just pissed at the customer service.

    63 DAYS to deliver!
    9 WEEKS!
    and I was charged for shipping!

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