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    So I broke down and called Handspring this evening.

    I asked the CSR to look up my order and let me know if it had shipped or not, and if so, to give me a tracking number. He asked when I ordered it. I told him I had placed a web order on October 6th. He asked for my name and looked up my order on the computer.

    "No, it hasn't shipped yet, but it should ship any day now."

    "What? I was told it would ship within 4 to 6 weeks of my order date, which would make tomorrow the end of the 6 weeks."

    "Yes, it should ship any day now. Our database is 4 days delayed."

    I paused. "What do you mean delayed?"

    "The information we have is 4 days old."

    So here's a brand-new story from CSR. Thought I'd just toss it into the mix.

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    I've heard the same story for the past 3 weeks

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