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    After weeks of watching the various posts on this web site I finally decided to order a VDx this evening, hoping it will show up before Christmas, but not counting on it.

    After providing the CSR with my order information I asked how many Visors are being ordered per day. The CSR said a lot and the peak was 4000 in one day. The CSR confirmed the delivery should be in 4-6 weeks. In retrospect, I should have asked when the peak order occured? Perhaps someone who places an order can obtain this information.

    I waited on hold 20 or so minutes and completed the call approximately 9:30pm CST. The CSR was polite and didn't appear to be stressed out.
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    Sept. 14th or Oct. 6 for the peak order days. Corresponds with first day of phone orders and then first day of web page offering.

    Moose Man

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