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    Order date: 9/15
    Product: Visor Deluxe - Ice
    Cancelled: 11/6

    Comments: I will begin shopping for a Palm IIIx or Vx.

    Funny note: No hold time on the phone when I called to cancel. Called four times previously always having to hold 30 minutes - 2 hours. I guess I never tried calling on a Saturday evening.
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    Ordered Sept. 24
    Product: Blue Deluxe and Serial Cradle
    Cancelled Nov. 1, 1999 via website CS email
    (I hope it was cancelled.. LOL.. never heard
    anything back like.. We are sorry; Thanks;
    Go to Hell, NOTHING.. Amazing..I think they could at least send all cancellers a letter
    with a 25%-50% discount coupon if they are interested in ordering in the futureand win their business back... The INDIFFERENCE amazes me ! Indifference is one of the top ten reasons why customers go elsewhere...

    Bought Palm IIIx...11/1/99; Rec'd 11/3/99
    from for $209.00...

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    I've got four to report. My personal unit was ordered on 9/14, arrived on 10/26, did a "lucky bounce" (a three-foot drop onto carpet) and died on 11/1, and tech support told me that I could get a replacment overnight (for $30!) the next day. Called and got the RMA number on 11/3 when nothing showed up.

    One friend cancelled his and bought a Vx (Cambridge Mass) on Thursday or Friday, another in NYC ordered two weeks ago and cancelled when she heard about my lucky bounce, and replaced it with a IIIx.
    The last cancellation was a salesman at RCS Computer on 57th & Madison in NYC. After I advised him on Thursday of (sic) how gifted Handspring tech support and customer service is, he responded by buying a Vx. "That answers that." He told me he owes me one :-)
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    I cancelled mine via the web site, too, and got no response. (Amazing!) Think I will call today and cancel by phone, too.

    Unfortunately, I have a sneaking suspicion that my card was "authorized" yesterday as there is a chunk of space made unavailable for other purchases...annoying.
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    After a series of emails with Ms. Dubinsky, (see ) I received a phone call from HandSpring on Friday the 5th. from one of the corporate account reps confirming that I wanted to cancel my order. It kind of supprised me that there was no pleading or anything (not that I was looking for it, but it's just an afterthought). If I was trying to keep customers coming to my new business and buy my products, I'd do anything I could to keep a large sale (30+) from going to my competitor. Oh well, we're suppossed to order our Palms next week. Handsprings loss. Have a great one!


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    Ordered: 10/15 Ice Deluxe ($270)
    Ordered: 10/25 Palm IIIx ($142)
    Cancelled: 10/26 Ice Deluxe
    Received: 10/28 Palm IIIx

    Very happy with my Palm.
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    Wow, where'd ya get your Palm IIIX for so cheap?

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    Check out They've got some great prices & in the PalmOS thread, there were some links to some credits from VA, personally, I've got $150 worth of credits. I checked the other day and I can get a IIIx for $137 and some change. Rumor has it that the Vx will be available from them tomorrow (Monday) when their site comes back up (been down for maintenance & rebuild). Hope this helps!


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    That special price was a promotion from ValueAmerica that is no longer being offered. If you had signed up early enough, you'd be okay, but they have since pulled the link (must have been losing money). My IIIx is great. I did not see the value to offset the extra cost to get to a V or Vx.

    By the way, I have not received any cancellation verification of any kind from Handspring.
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    Well .. Ordered an ICE Visor on 9/21

    Called end of Oct and asked why it hasnt shipped. Info ok .. not sure why it didn't ship.

    Cancelled order for visor and other order for extra styli on Web site 11-1 ... ASKED to be confirmed if and when order was cancelled ... no word from HS.

    Called last night (sun 11-7) NO HOLD AT ALL.
    CSR Had no idea that I cancelled my order. Asked for confirmation that I would not be charged. couldnt even give me that!

    "I'm 99.9% sure that you wont be charged but I can't be sure" ... "If you get the visor just refuse shipment"

    Well if I would get the visor ... I wouldn't be cancelling my order .. then I asked to cancel the order for the styli .. "Oh you want to cancel that too " .. well without a visor I dont think I'd need the styli ..

    Ahh venting done .. I feel better ... now I can go shop for a PDA Elsewhere ...

    So long and thanks for all the fish.........
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    Ordered 9/14 (am) (CSR's said I was order 28)
    Confirmed order info correct in mid Oct.
    Follow up calls late Oct./early Nov.

    Canceled order when it was confirmed that order had not yet even been sent to shipping as of Nov. 5

    Will continue to use well worn Pilot5000 upgraded w/ pp-pro card & user installed 2mb modification.

    Maybe I will try again when the color units come out.

    osjedi uses
    Debian GNU/Linux
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    I ordered a Visor Deluxe on the morning of 14 September (got caught up in the hype). About 5 weeks ago I cancelled the order(the hype wore off). The CSR had to write my information down on paper since the (anyone?) system was down. Well last Tuesday I received the Visor Deluxe. The thing is my credit card has not been charged! I sent an email to the CS department asking what I need to do. No response yet.
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    Ordered a visor on September 14.
    Changed order to a visor deluxe on October 4.
    Charged for a visor on October 22.
    Cancelled on November 9.

    I cancelled because Handspring sent the wrong visor to the wrong address but charged my credit card correctly. The unit never arrived but was returned to sender when it could not be delivered. I have completely lost all confidence in Handsprings ability to ship correctly. I might buy one when I see them in stores - if they can get their act together.
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    Ordered VD blue on 10/6 on-line (1700s)
    Changed it to graphite on 10/20 by phone
    Could get no answers to my questions sent by e-mail on 10/21 and 10/29.
    Cancelled on 11/10 (unless they mess up)
    On 11/10 called both the 888 and the 716 numbers and both said they had no information about Web Orders. Realizing that Handspring was making it impossible to discuss my order. I was also nervous about it arriving after I had left town on 11/23, and I didn't feel I should have to call them in California, so I cancelled; fortunately, my card has not been charged. But I've wasted 2 months when I could have been using a Palm (the Visor would have been my first PDA).
    Just checked my order again on the website. It's still there, almost a week after I had cancelled, with the original color. I doubt that they are even updating the info on the Website about the on-line orders.

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