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    Has anyone from Canada received their Visors yet? I posted a similar message but it was erased. I wonder why? There were like 13 responses. However, that thread seems to be missing now. So, I am starting a new one.
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    I was one of the original respondents. Anyway, I ordered an Ice Deluxe on 10/15. I called last week and was told to first week in November (next week). I have since come across the great deal at Value America and bought a IIIx for roughly $220 CAN last night. Once I get confirmation that my order is shipping, it's goodbye to my visor!
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    I just got off the phone with Value America, and my order should be shipped tomorrow. I originally ordered a Visor Deluxe on Sept. 16th, which still, as of an hour ago, has not been billed to my credit card.I am not looking forward to having to deal with returning my Visor and paying the registered mail costs associated with it, but Mastercard tells me that is the only way it can be done.I'm hoping my IIIX shows up by the weekend.

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    I live in BC. Ordered Sept 16/99. Called back once to change shipment to express, sucessfully, to avoide UPS brokerage fees on ground shipping. I was told that it should have been shipped already around Oct 15 or 16th but so far no holds or charges on my credit card, and I checked with UPS yesterday using Handspring / Logistix's UPS shipper ID of 951-880 and no packages have been picked up from there heading this way yet.

    They said 4-6 weeks and I'll be (pleasantly)surprised if it does come by then: 6 weeks will be this Thursday (Oct 28/99). I ordered blue and I've heard the colors are all backordered.

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    I ordered October 1.

    Talked to a Handspring customer service representative on Monday (Oct.25) to follow up on on my order using their toll number. (used, what a great long distance free service!)
    I was told another batch was to ship at the end of this week with mine included.
    I should receive it within 2 weeks (or so).

    I live near Toronto, and also requested Express shipping hoping to bypass the brokerage fees. I'm not counting on 1 day shipping (air) though, since I've read here that people have been only getting ground service.

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    I'm in Toronto, I ordered on 09/14. Sofar, no sign of my Visor, or credit card charge. I called the 888 number a few days ago to inquire as to the status, and all my info was fine. I had asked about the shipping, but the agent told me there was no other shipping methods available (odd).

    I had posted to the original topic, too:

    I understand that the call center is in Toronto. I work for a fairly large call center company here...does anyone know the company name?
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    I ordered on Sepetember 15th and I would be shocked if anybody from October orders received theirs. I live in Montreal, order a blue delux. I checked my order, all seem fine, but HS pleads innocence as to why I don't have it yet. I am slowly starting to get nervous just because my Pilot 1000 just broke down, so please hurry up UPS boy !
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    Hmm. There's a theme developing here. I'm in Vancouver, ordered on the 17th of Sept or so, Blue Dx. I called the toll line on Sunday using and they had all my information correct, including address and credit card #. Then I asked when I'd be getting it and the woman said 'maybe a week and a half', then 'why don't you call us if you haven't got anything in a week.'

    I'm trying not to get worried about this - I'm not as paranoid as some others here - but I must admit to being a little concerned at the answer. If I'm supposed to call if I haven't got it, does that mean they don't really know if it's been sent or not?

    I'm going to hold on until Friday and then see what's up. I'd be tempted by the Value America deal, but I really want to give the Visor a shot.

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    I am in Toronto. I ordered mine (old fashioned graphite) on Sept 16, One week after my pilot 5000 died.

    Last week I was told that it had been shipped and that I should have it by the end of the week (last week). I have tried calling numerous time. Each time i get "thank you for calling..." and have had the speakerphone whining their bad muzak. after 2 hours or so, i get disconnected.

    I have also tried e-mailing. no response. and still no visor.

    i am getting very impatient and a little annoyed at the lack of customer service. it better be worth the wait. should i keep waiting????
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    For those of you who live in Toronto: The call centre is at Bloor and Islington in Etobicoke, right near the subway station. Part of the reason for the long waits on hold is that at times there are only 7 or 8 CSRs working there. I also heard from a CSR that a Supervisor was leaving for a warehouse in California today to staighten out some orders. Who knows what to believe?
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    Well, my VA Palm IIIx has apparently been shipped and I should receive today or tomorrow. After a 2 hour wait on hold, the somewhat rude CSR told me that Handspring will not cancel any orders. The only way is to not accept the delivery and my credit card will get credited (eventually). This seems like a lot of trouble. She also could not tell me the status of my order since the "system" was down again. Maybe I'll keep both
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    The call center is at Bloor and Islington, eh? Perhaps it's time some of us Torontonians took a swing by the place for a visit, hehe. Maybe the odd cases of CSR rudeness would stop if customers started showing up at the front door.

    Bloody Palm Vxs' are ~650$. I'd rather buy a laptop.
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    What's the name of the company? At least I'll know not to use them for any call-centres I need to set up.
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    I gave in and just called them. Guess what, they said that the credit card info was wrong. That's why it was delayed. So, now I get a customer number and it's moved to the "priority" list. I'm supposed to wait another "2 weeks". One week to get a UPS number after I call them (Handspring), and another week to track this all the way to the north on "Priority"/"Express" shipping. I feel like a DUD for not caving in when I first read that the guy called the customer support and found out that his credit card info was messed up as well. Serves me right to be a "nice" guy and refrain myself from calling the toll-free number....!!!
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    Traveller, don't worry about calling or not calling to check your information. It doesn't seem to make much difference. Try calling again to recheck your info. Chances are it will still have the same mistakes.

    Never mind the shipping backlog, first you have to get through the "FIX ORDER" backlog.
    Sure they took the corrections, but they took it down by hand, like your original order, and it takes time to transfer it into the next "database". I wonder what database number my order is in by now?

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    OK, I GIVE UP !!! I called the toll-free number again just to confirm that they have corrected my name on the credit card, yep, you guessed it. Still the wrong name. I asked him what was going on. I was told that he gives the correction over to a "supervisor" who corrects it. When does the supervisor corrects them? When it goes to shipping...?!!
    What happens if it goes to shipping and the supervisor has not corrected it by then? It gets delayed...??

    Most orders from any merchant allows the order-taker to correct the information on the fly. But it seems that there is a discontinuity between the call-centers that take the orders with the person actually inputting this info into some database elsewhere. Must be a manual system !!!

    I have a feeling that I am going to get two Visor Deluxes from my two call-backs. So, my advice to anyone starting a new company, don't start off like this, because you end up hurting your company in the long-term. Trust me...I've seen great companies fall because of their inability to collect orders in an efficient manner. They end up losing more orders than they are taking in -=> translates to potential customers are going to a product that is more easily accessible i.e. Palm.

    For a company to be successful, it takes a good idea, financial backing, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, a simple but efficient ordering system (phone/web/mail_order). And the last point is what Handspring lacks. Pity...
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    Can anyone help me with the Value America deal on Palm IIIx?

    Never mind, I think I missed it. This post should be deleted.

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    Has anyone received their Visors yet in Canada? Man, we must really be too far north....;-(

    Time to migrate south fellas....lets' go one by one....

    Handspring is slow like molasses...I vote we fire the marketing person for this fiasco. Who else agrees...?
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    Well folks, I have my brand new VA IIIx in my hands now (in Toronto)! Still have no confirmation from Handspring about my cancellation. I guess I'll just refuse delivery if it ever shows up.
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    Well something is happening. As far as I can tell no Canucks have their Visors yet, but I called Visa today and they said I had two authorization holds on my card, totalling almost $400 (I'm assuming that's Canadian funds). One for $20 and one for $375 or something close to that. This is more or less in the right ballpark for a Visor order assuming an exchange rate of 1.45 or so.

    Now I don't know if that means I'll be getting my Visor right away, but it should be on its way soon, right? And by FedEx overnight if everything is working.

    BTW, I ordered first week, and I'm in Vancouver. I'll keep you posted and post to this thread if I get mine.
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