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    Wow, this thread is still here, been past my visor, through my T3 and now on to the Pre.
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    1999, blast from the past.

    I started reading it and thought it was some sort of case or accessory for current date, until I saw "Handspring", then looked at the date. lol, wowzers.

    I had one of these 1000 years ago, so boring now when you look at what we have now, vs what those were back then.
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    Well hey, if anyone still wants a Visor, I've got one sitting in a closet...
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    I live in Saskatcheuan & my Visor Deluxe just showed up this morning. Damn this is cool but I don't know how long Handspring can stay in business with this kind of customer service.
    ROOTING for WebOS makes me more sympathetic to Cubs fans.
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