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    a)it's some over-the-border holdup, or
    b)Handspring's putting the Canadian orders on the backburner.

    They've shipped across the entire US including Hawaii from California, so why does it seem that no Canadians have gotten theirs? (Ordered 9/14)
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    Just got off the phone with a supervisor who told me a few things:
    1. All orders to Canada are shipped Express
    2. No shipments have yet been made to Canada (as of Thu Nov 4), regardless of when the order was placed.
    3. Canadian orders will be shipped on Monday (Nov 8), but the order of shipment is not guaranteed.

    Supervisor's name was Gillian, and she was apologetic. She checked the info with a 'shipping coordinator'.

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    Nice of Handspring to keep us up-to-date.
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    I was on hold with using the number that Handspring gave to ask those who ordered before the 20th.of October to check into their status. Well, after 1/2 hour of holding, I was disconnected or dropped. Great and fantastic people that Handspring hires.

    If they are truly shipping on Nov.8th, then we are really on the freakin' 6th. week of the 4-6 weeks promise. Anyone here already passed the 6th. week?
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    This has been on the official site for a long time now:

    "Currently we only ship to addresses in the United States and Canada"...PRESENT TENSE.

    And now a CSR tells us "No shipments have yet been made to Canada (as of Thu Nov 4)"

    Handspring, please clarify!!
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    Ordered 9/16 from B.C. No visor. Just a bunch of excuses and misinformation. They cannot even correct my information in their "read-only database". CSR's seem quite powerless to do anything...

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    When did you other Canucks ordered your Visor Deluxe? I ordered mine by phone on 10/5. Still have no clue when this company will get their act together. The longer this takes, the more bad press they seem to be having. News of their bad marketing has even reached the New York Times...ouch!!! Not a good idea if you want investors to invest into your company....!!!
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    I ordered Oct 1 from the Toronto area.
    Every time I called "Customer support" toll line (using of course) I was told I was still within the 4-6 week period, so I'll basically just have to wait. No answers on status of Canadian shipping, in fact they did'nt have a clue. Sounds familiar.

    Question: I wonder if "express" truly is "1 day air" or is it just ground with some kind of priority? I'm curious because I have only read posts where "express" has taken basically a week to arrive.
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    Another day's gone, and no Canadian recipients. It must be just one of those amazing coincidences...otherwise, there'd be something on the Handspring site about why we haven't received them yet, right?
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    If nothing is received this week, I am flooding all Usenet groups and informing them not to get PDAs from Handspring due to inept service and customer order handling. I think Palm must be having a huge surge in orders from people who had their hopes raised by the Visor Deluxe and later these same customers got totally pissed off and resorted to buying Palm devices out of impatience of waiting 5-6 weeks OR MORE for a goddamn PDA.

    Watch for Palm (3COM) to have a better than normal quarterly earning due to Handspring backlash.
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    They aren't even late yet on your order...chill.
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    I ordered on Sept 28 and am still waiting... Damn thing better be here this week or I will give up on Handspring. I have e-mailed a couple of times with no responses, and when I call the CSR's have my info correct but NO clue about when it will ship. This is getting ridiculous!
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    I talked to a CSR lastnight.
    He told me that my VD has still not shippped (ordered Oct 1). That's fine, but what was encouraging for us Canadian recipients was the fact (fact?) that he told me just prior to speaking with me he was dealing with a customer from Mississauga, ON who was also checking on his order. Apparantly his order had shipped. He was'nt able to tell me when this customer ordered, could'nt remember. If this is true then Canadian orders have finally begun shipping.
    Another point I'll share that I found out from this CSR. He said that all Canadian orders he has come across are being shipped Priority Mail (U.S. Mail)? I wonder if this will allieviate the brokerage fee concerns?

    Approaching 6 weeks, hopefully I can put of a post soon containing I GOT IT!!!!
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    I ordered an orange visor on Sept 14, and I cancelled my order last week. The CSR said the colours visors were backordered and won't ship for another 2 weeks when I cancelled my order. I'll wait to see the TRG Pro. The only thing I don't like about the visor is the lack of flash. I really want OS 3.3 for the infra red upgrade.

    I talked to Chris at Handheld Interfaces who is suppose to sell the visor and he has not been able to get any visor yet either.
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    Hey, this is probably the only time i'm glad i'm living down here now. It sounds like shipments up there are rough.
    Is it really true that the Call Centre is at Bloor and Islington??? I thought the last time i called the 888 number the guy sounded normal (no accent like down here!)
    I ordered mine on Oct.25th but they lost that so i re-ordered Nov. 3rd and they lost that! so i talked to a guy nov.8th and he 'found' my first order and said it was lost but re-entered Oct29th. I'd keep a close watch on your order..i've 'lost' mine twice but now it's found!
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    Customer in Mississauga ... that might be me !!! One can hope ...
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    I'm curious BigC, when did you order?
    I live in Brampton.
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    I ordered on Sep 27.
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    Aarrgh!! It's Friday and no sign of my Graphite Visor Deluxe...!!! That means another week.., and another...and another...!! I have not seen any Canadian orders "ACTUALLY" showing up as delivered!!
    Has anyone gotten charged yet and how much is it in CAN$ ??

    What sort of ordering system do they have in place anywayz..? Christ, if this is how long it takes them to serve places in North America, I wonder what YEAR that customers from other countries will get theirs? Probably 2001 !!!!!!
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    I ordered a Graphite Visor Deluxe on Sept. 14. Today (Nov. 12) I emailed Donna Dubinsky to ask about my order.

    It seems Canadian orders have not shipped yet, but are expected to soon.

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