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    Hey Mike has challenged me to a race to see who will get there Visor First.

    To participate Please state the date and time (est) that you ordered your Visor and color for fyi reasons.

    There are seperate catagories for September and October orders. You only qualify if have not been told your order has shipped.
    No Fair cheating. And good luck to all of those who participate. May the Best Visor Win.

    My Info
    date: 9/22
    time: 2pm EST
    color Blue

    Mikes info:

    date: 9/14
    time: 3pm est
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    Date ordered: 9/15, 11am
    Product: Visor Deluxe in Ice
    Shipped: No Idea.
    Location: Virginia

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    date: 9/17
    time: 4pm EST
    color: Blue

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    My Location: Richmond, VA
    Ordered Online: 10/6 at 9:30 AM EST
    Order Number: 991006-1054
    Product: Regular Visor
    Color: Graphite

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    By Phone on 9/17 at ~2m
    Ice Visor Deluxe
    Seattle, Washington

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    I was told mine had shipped (twice, actually), but it was WRONG each time. I am now told that my Visor din't actually ship, but will "soon". Can I still participate?

    My details:
    ordered Sept. 16, about 10:00 a.m.
    Kansas City area

    I hope I win
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    I have my own "drag race within a drag race":

    Location (both): California

    #1 Order
    Ordered: Blue Visor Deluxe
    When: 9/14 @ 11a PDT (phone)
    Shipped: 11/5
    Received: 11/6

    Handspring error on order corrected on four (4) separate occasions

    #2 Order
    Ordered: Blue Visor Deluxe
    When: 10/28 @ 11a PDT (online)
    Shipped: ???
    Received: ???

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    Ordered: 9/16
    Time: approx. 2pm (cst)
    Color: Ice
    Location: B'ham, Alabama


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    Date Ordered - 9/18, 6 PM
    Product - Visor Deluxe Ice
    Shipping - Supposedly Monday 11/1
    Location - Ohio
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    My Info
    date: 9/16
    time: 11am EST
    color: Batman Black deluxe
    Location: Tucson, AZ

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    Maybe I'll be disqualified because they told me that it shipped the 18th...but that's another story because I live 1 day delivery from the shipping center and they are unable to provide me with a tracking number.

    Phone 9/17 ~11:45 am EST
    Graphite VD
    Chico, California

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    Well I will have to review with the rules commitee on whether or not to allow certain participants.

    But if you were told that your order Shipped and it has been 10 days we may allow certain dispensations distributed on a case by case basis.

    Other notes:

    Please include location City/State and other products ordered.

    For Example:

    Location: Temperance Michigan
    Other products ordered: Tiger Woods spring
    board module
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    Ordered: 10/2
    Visor Delux
    Time: approx. 10am (est)
    Color: Graphite
    Location: Virginia
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    Ordered on 9/14 - 9:30AM CST, Billed Oct 16th.

    Shipping is still questionable, but said on 21st with UPS ID:
    "1Z 951 880 03 1132 001 9"

    Ice Delux.
    Austin, Texas
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    After much debate and Consternation the rules commitee has ruled in your favor and allowed you to participate. Because you have met the guidelines and have suffered so much already that we could not bring it upon ourselves to inflict anymore!


    We continue to debate your situation, We ask that you might call Handspring one more time. If they are sticking to their story that you Visor shipped then I am sorry that even though you have suffered so much already you do not fullfill the requirements for entering the contest. We will allow you to post your results and we want you to know that we care deeply and identify completely with your situation.

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    If you have gotten a UPS number we bow to your Superior postion but we cannot allow this flagarent violation of the rules. May the Visor God's be with you.
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    ordered:10/18 (morning)
    location: Las Vegas, NV
    Blue Visor Deluxe
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    Well, I've just been lurking, because as an October orderer, I just don't have anything to ***** about (until November 17), but I'll join in the contest just in case HS decides to EXCEED my expectations. :-)

    ORDERED: 10/6 (Online) around lunch
    COLOR/MODEL: Ice Deluxe
    LOCATION: Dallas, TX
    SHIPPED: It's been sometime within two weeks for two weeks, now.
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    Ordered: 10/5 @ 2pm EST
    Location: Indianapolis, IN
    Product: Visor Deluxe, blue
    Additional Products: Serial Cradle
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    My info:
    date: 9/22
    time: 4:00 CT
    ver: Visor Deluxe
    color: graphite
    area: Chicagoland

    verified: 4 times. no mistakes yet. can we say YEAH RIGHT....? No charge... no ship. at least, not yet.

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