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    9/21, 10 PM
    2 Blue VDx
    Not jack else
    Verified (yea right) 10/19, when they stated it "went to shipping"
    No card billing, no tracking number
    Madison, WI

    Am I still in?
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    Ordered 10/6
    Black Deluxe
    no confirms done
    Houston, TX
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    I think those of us who live in California have an unfair advantage...don't we?

    Ordered 10/5
    Probly around 11 AM
    Via phone
    Ice Deluxe
    Haven't called to check order status.
    Location: Hollywood, California, two blocks west of the Chinese Theater

    I hope my Visor is in the 'giant shipment' going out on Monday!!!
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    Ordered: 9/24/99
    What: Blue Visor Dlx w/ Serial Cradle
    Place: Ft. Collins, CO

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    Ordered: 10/7 (afternoon)
    Via: Online
    Color:Graphite Deluxe
    Location:Westchester, NY
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    Date: 9/17
    Time: Noon-ish
    Order: Blue Visor Deluxe
    Accessories: Serial Cradle, Backup Module,
    8 MB Flash
    Shipped: Not as far as any mortal knows
    Hopeful Destination: Marietta, GA
    "Hope springs eternal"

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    oh yeah...
    What does it count when you were told twice that it did ship and then finally told it didn't ship?

    And is the winner the one who get a visor in the least amount of time or the most?


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    Most of us have been told that our Visors have gone to shipping. As long as you have not been told that it has actually shipped your in!

    For our California friends,
    It is true that you have a special advantage. It certainly would not hurt you to be excluded from something!

    But it is comforting to know that you wouldn't be in this thread unless you could identify with our suffering.

    Maybe a confession that you would never do anything like rub it in our noses would suffice.

    The rules commitee will take this matter into consideration and let you know!
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    date: 10/8
    time: evening - maybe around 6-9pm CST
    method: phone
    color: green (YES!)
    shipped: don't want to wait to find out, so I don't know
    location: Chicago, IL

    The way I see it, I have a few things working for me:
    - Very little demand for the green color, so a shortage is unlikely.
    - The person on the phone seemed to know what they were doing, even discussing about how it worked and why it would be preferred over Palm.
    - I got my serial cradle already without the actual Visor, so I know they can bill my credit card and they have the right address.
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    date: 09/21
    Time: around 10am EST
    method: Phone
    Color: ICE
    Shipped .. well as of yesterday they could still change my order so I guess not ...
    Location: Sharon, PA
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    cgibson, that's really odd that you say yours can be changed cause I ordered mine on 10/14 and when I've called twice this week to see if i could change the color and cancel the backup module order and they said that my order has been sent to the warehouse as of 10/22. Then again, they had my state down as MA instead of MD, who knows how thats gonna affect my order

    Date ordered: 10/14
    Time: 2 pm EST
    Color: Graphite
    Shipped: who knows where my order is
    Destination: Maryland, or if you're a Handspring CSR, Massachusetts
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    Ordered my second, no I have not gotten my first graphite Deluxe yet.


    Ordered on the Web
    Lets see which one makes it here first the one I ordered by phone 10/1 or the one on the web 10/28.
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    Order: 10/6 4pm CDT
    How: Online
    What: 1 Orange, 1 Ice, 1 Orange Case
    Where: Topeka, KS
    When Shipped: ? Probably next week +/-
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    Visor Dlx Graphite + serial cradle
    date: 9/17
    time: approx. 5pm EST
    where: Virginia

    (Told by CSR last week that despite fact that the ordering info is correct, it hasn't shipped but will w/n next 2 weeks)

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    Still waiting...

    We may develop some new catagories for those who have had the longest wait. Those who fall into this catagory will certainly need our moral support. Who knows it could be me!

    Hope to find out who gets theirs first this week.
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    I won I won! just received my Blue Visor Deluxe. Recieved it Fedx today. I have not seen it my wife has given me the details. So for September orders yours should be comming soon.

    Tiger Woods on Back order!
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    Ordered: 9/24
    Color: Blue
    Location: Rhode Island

    I did receive a shiny new serial cradle, though. Was told today that there is a bulk shipment going out this week and early next.
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    Ordered 9/16.
    Color: Ice
    Status: "Its in the warehouse"
    Paid: Mastercard
    Ship to: Berkeley, Ca (20 minute drive from Fremont warehouse!!!!)

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    Ordered:9-24 10am
    Product: ice visor deluxe
    location: fort worth, texas
    delivery time expected: something about hell being really cold.

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