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    I ordered a VDX (graphite) on 9/21. About three weeks after the order I found out that the person who took my order apparently made a "7" in my credit card number look like a "2" when he wrote it. It was entered in their database as a "2" when it should have been a "7". When this mistake was discovered it took me three weeks and numerous phone calls to finally have it show up in their database correctly. The problem is that when I talk Handspring now they tell me that the date the credit card number was corrected is my initial order date. They tell me it's my fault because I changed my credit card number. Anyway, still no Visor and patiently waiting.
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    For what cold comfort it may be worth...Many of us ordered on the web site to avoid the kind of problem you had with things like credit card numbers, but it hasn't helped...we're still waiting too! <sigh>

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