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    The 19th of August my Treo 600 went in for a repair. It is now nearly one and a half months later and I just heard this week that it will take at least another two weeks. I got my Treo 600 through KPN in the Netherlands.

    Apparently Palm is busy repairing a lot of devices. I spoke to someone working for Orange in the Netherlands and he said that Orange UK has the highest number of returns for repairs with the Treo 600 they have ever had for any phone.

    So my questions are the following:

    Is there a problem with Palm products?
    Is there a problem with the repairs, is there a backlog?
    Are repairs outsourced in Europe and to whom?
    More specifically, KPN in the Netherlands, do they repair themselves, do they send the Treos to Palm or some other company?
    What is the usual time for a repair? Minimum/maximum.
    Is there a way to directly approach the repair department to ask what is going on with my Treo?

    It may be the bad service of telco KPN and not Palm. My experience with Handspring (Europe/international) a few years ago when I had my Treo 270 repaired is that they could estimate precisely how long it would take and inform me accurately about the status during the repair.

    This is a strange situation and quite typical for former monopolist KPN. Employees already made 5 mistakes which co-workers apologised for, a familiar pattern now. I keep on counting, they are very good at the infamous 'Dutch Service'. Except for the easy excuses, those are special.

    I miss my Treo, I hate KPN.

    I now use an old Handspring Visor and an old Nokia phone, I did not get a replacement unit.
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    I now know what happened to my Treo, why it is away for repairs for nearly 2 months now. Palm has found an Ukranian subcontractor to repair Treos. An entire shipment of Treos is lost. A stolen truck? At least there is nothing wrong with the Treos, there is no unusual increase of defects or something.

    I will receive a new Treo next week I am told.
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    If you want real 'Dutch Service', turn to KPN Netherlands. I gave my Treo 600 to them for repairs on August 19 and I got it back today, October 22nd. Nothing they have told the past months has turned out to be correct.

    The story about the stolen shipment of Palms is also not true. I did not get a new one. I got my old one back. Although according to their tracking service my Treo is still on its way to the shop where I am supposed to pick it up next Monday. Even *that* they can't do right.

    The cardboard box with my repaired Treo had a seal on it with a date stamp that says 26 August. It is repaired by a repair facility less than an hour away from where I live. Probably my Treo was repaired in a week time and got lost in the bureaucracy of KPN. Formerly a state-owned telco monopolist. They still have the attitude...

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