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    I ordered my VDX 11/10 on the web site. It says to allow 4-6 weeks for delivery, so I am optimistic that I will have it in my sweaty little palm by Christmas. I just read an article that claims Handspring will probably take two months or more to get the backlog out.
    Has anyone had a pleasant surprise by getting theirs weeks earlier than expected?
    Am I being too optimistic to hope for a Christmas delivery?
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    I orderd mine by phone on 10/08/99 and had it in my hands by 10/25/99. I guess i'm lucky. I was sorta afraid to post this since some people who orderd back in september stil don't have thiers. I didn't feel like getting tarred and featherd.
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    Well, my personal impression is that if the stars and planets were aligned JUST RIGHT when you placed your order, you'll have it within 4 weeks (sometimes as soon as 8 days). However, if you're not one of those priveleged few, the wait time is apparently 8 weeks.

    And this is NOT a flame to those who have gotten their Visors, I'm really happy for you, I'm just completely pissed at Handspring for not being able to do a relatively simple thing like ship orders as they are received. A simple date sort on their Excel spreadsheet would fix their problem.
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    i order mine SEPTEMBER 16 over the phone and i don't get anything, the crs can't tell anything about my order except all information is ok i should already receive it......
    i called 36 times, speak 8 time to crs supervisor, leave a message to customer care manager in handsprings, send 1 e-mail to Donna (she is out until 17 so i'm waiting)
    but if i don't get any feedback November 18 i'm probaly starting to be mad.....

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