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    It seems Donna Dubinsky is out of the office until 11/17. I would guess that Jeff Hawkins and the rest of the upper management staff is also out of the office and probably attending the COMDEX show. Do you suppose this is related to the delay of orders to 8-9 weeks??
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    Well I sure hope she forwarded my request for status to a Handspring rep before she left. She emailed me a response letting me know she would do this last friday.

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    That would not suprise me these days. So if anyone in upper management has a day off, the whole company cannot function. . . Great!!
    We'll be lucky if we DO get them by the year 2000!!!
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    I'm getting the feeling that quite a few of us have received a "personal" email reply from Donna, saying how sorry she is, that she'll forward your information on, blah, blah, blah. After realizing that there probably has been at least a hundred of those email replies, I am not sure I take much comfort in it. It's too bad, I was excited when I got that email reply last week.

    I just can't understand at this point why phone orders a month after mine (some to cities 10 minutes from where I live) are now arriving.

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