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    There was (last week) a cool message board on the site where someone was keeping track of all the Visors mentioned on the site and when they arrived. I was using to see if people in my group (ordered online 10/07) had started receiving their Visors yet.

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    I think she decided she had a life, and abandoned it... but I've been keeping a close eye (10/6 online order here) and the only online order received so far is REZ...
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    _He_ couldn't log in on Friday and didn't log in over the weekend...I'm going to do an update tonight.

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    Sorry, Huski... I don't know why I assumed you were a female... and no one would be offended if you had better things to do than HandSpring's job.... ;-) 'Though I will say you do it MUCH better than they seem to! :-(

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