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    I check my order status via the web last week and it showed all the information correctly. I check it a few minutes ago today and it says "I'm sorry. We did not find your order. Please try again. "
    Is anyone else getting similar results today? Hopefully my order just hasn't disappeared... maybe they just took the query offline? Any ideas?
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    I have no clue, but I checked mine online (and by telephone) about 2 hours ago, and it pulled up perfectly. Still hasn't shipped, but my order still exists. I'm not sure if that's a good thing, or not?!?
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    'Course, they could just have the database down in order to change everyone's expected ship date from 4-6 weeks to 8-9 weeks ?!?
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    Hopefully my order does still exist... it's just not accessible for me to check at the moment. Any existing order fairs better than a non-existing order, right? ;-)
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    Hell, I'm beginning to wonder if I wouldn't get it faster placing a new order today! Nobody knows, and nobody (at HS, obviously those of use with orders care) seems to care what's going on with the early October orders. :-(
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    Can anyone close to 991030-5640 find there web order online at the moment? Just curious if others don't seem to find their as well. Would like to avoid calling if its a blanketed case.
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    My order number is: 991029-52xx and I was able to confirm it via their website. I sure hope the web orders didn't have any problems. But, from some of the things that I've been hearing about the web orders...Yikes!

    Rick Bailey

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    I am in the 1200s and I can pull up my order on the web site.
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    I just put in your order number and I was able to confirm it on their web site. Ordered Graphite VDx on 10/30 right?
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    Okay.. this is interesting. I CAN find my order using Internet Explorer. I checked again with Netscape Communicator and couldn't find it. Reloaded with Netscape a few times and finally got it pulled up. WEIRD!! Well, seems this hurdle has passed. ;-)

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