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    On Sept. 16 I ordered my blue Vdx. On Oct. 18 I was told it had shipped on Oct. 15. On Oct. 21 I nearly mugged the UPS guy when he didn't have a package for me. On Oct. 22 I was told that my visor would ship in about 2 weeks. On about Nov. 2 I was told that my order date was actually Oct. 4 (later the CSR admitted that was when my data was re-entered). I (and all the other Sept orders) were told that our visors would ship by mid-November, which, by my calculations, is today. I was specifically told on several occassions that my visor WOULD ship on or before Nov. 15, hopefully before. So, now on to the punchline:

    After studiously ignoring my lack of a visor all week end, I check for charges on my credit card this morning, sure they would be there. Nothing. A little concerned, I call the CSRs again. They find my order, confirm it hasn't been shipped or billed, apologize, and say that if I DON'T GET IT IN ANOTHER WEEK AND A HALF I SHOULD CALL BACK TO SPEAK WITH A SUPERVISOR.

    I have been trying to be a stable, non-whiney person. I have refrained from emailing, calling or faxing the people at Handspring. It isn't like I "need" the visor in some great and fundamental way, but I ordered it because it will ever so slightly improve my quality of life. Because ranting and raving about the pending order does nothing to improve my quality of life, I have to date refrained from (excessive) pestering of Handspring. Now, though, I am just mad enough to be difficult.

    P.S. I was told that I am receiving a free 5 pack of styli to make up for my trouble. How sweet.
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    Amen - I ordered Sept 18, and have been trying to leave HS alone so they can get these orders out. But, BOY IS IT HARD TO WAIT THIS LONG.

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