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    every time i call i get a different answer. i call every day now. sometimes i get through, most i don't. they always check my info and say, "so what did you want to know?" for starters,"where the hell is my visor?!"

    one guy told me it was delayed due to me not giving them a middle initial! lame excuse. another said it takes them 14 days to deliver the visor AFTER processing. i asked where in china it was coming from and who was walking it over to me.

    i can understand the whole supply & demand thing. it's the BS i get and different answers every call the pisses me off. my apple g4 is backordered, but at least i always get the same story on it. to this date nothing has been billed on my card, and i should have received it weeks ago. my initial order date according to several csr's mysteriously changes iteself. tomorrow is the 10th week of waiting. the damn thing better be worth it!
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    I think they are hung up cause people are taking advantage of by others (alot) i have heard rumors and its that people are saying they ordered in Sept. and really ordered in Nov. Read my other thread
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    I'm not sure how true that is. Although it's always possible people will take advantage of the fact that Handspring's trying to put their DB back together. I know they have made errors in the shipping date listed for orders that are delaying legitimate orders. For example, I ordered 10/1 and when I checked, they had me down as 10/12. I had my order legitimately escalated and if I don't at least a tracking number by Tuesday I'll contact California. (As I HAVE been waiting six weeks and a number of 10/1 orders went out 11/6.
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    Cancel and buy a Palm IIIx at
    You have the patience of JOB You have to move on.
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    I was on my 8th week when my pestering the corporate offices paid off. I started faxing Dubinsky, Hawkins, Colligan etc every day. The day after I started I rec'd a call from their Customer Service. Six days later FEDEX was at my door. Give it a try.
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    >>delayed due to me not giving them a middle initial! <<<

    That's unbelievable. That's CSR-speak for blowing off an angry customer.

    OTOH, what's the point of constantly calling? At this juncture, it's obvious Handspring has mightily messed up, and CSR doesn't have the info to answer questions. You'll get it soon or you won't. If you can't be patient (and mine is dwindling), give up, buy a Palm. Otherwise, no point driving yourself crazy trying to get info no one can give you.
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    Mind if I ask just how you are counting weeks? It hasn't been 10 weeks since they STARTED taking orders. (Unless, of course, you ordered yours on 9/5.)

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